Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Seaside Boardwalk Fire

Around 2:30 this afternoon a small fire started on the boardwalk in Seaside Park.  

To say it escalated quickly, is an understatement. 

It quickly grew to a 5 alarm fire, then reaching 10 alarm status in the blink of an eye.

Photo Courtesy of Jersey Shore Hurricane News

Sandy was bad, Sandy was horrible,
but we didn't watch Sandy destroy the boardwalk.

Watching this happen in basically real time is like watching your childhood home burn to the ground.

My heart is very heavy tonight.
And my thoughts go out to everyone on the scene responding to putting out this fire,
the volunteers bringing the supplies
the families of both
and the business owners.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Never forget.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The beach angel

I took this picture in June of 2011

I loved this statue.

I thought of her as a guardian angel, watching over me, especially when I was on the beach alone for sunrise. 

After Sandy destroyed something like 80% of the homes in  Mantoloking, I hoped they had brought her in.  

When I saw the house amazingly survived, my hopes skyrocketed that my guardian angel had survived.

I'm not a very ballsy person. 

Back when I was 11, we had a house fire & I remember how upset my mother was by the "circus" in front of our house.  Because of that I never got into shooting peoples misery.  I took a few shots of businesses that had been destroyed, but that even bothered me, I wasn't going to take pictures of people homes.

But I put a 5x7 of this photo in my glove box with the intent on giving it to the owners if I ever saw them outside.

I haven't set foot on the beach in Mantoloking since October 26th or 27th, but every time I drive by this house I look to see if anyone is outside.

Today there was a guy outside and I figured what the heck, and I stopped.

I was sad to learn that the angel did not survive. 

I was even more saddened to learn that the spot were the angel lived was where the ashes of their son & daughter were buried.

I gave him the copy of the picture and my condolences.  

It's the stories like this that make Sandy suck even more all over again. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Please vote for me!

One of my goals is to make more steady income from my business.  I'm not looking to immediately get rich, but that would be nice LOL.

Anyway, besides the marketing I do, I've also entered in the Martha Stewart American Made contest.  

Please go vote for me.  You can vote up to 6 times every day!

Thank you!