Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did I do that?

There are times when you just look at your kids and think "wow, do I do that?"

The day their born is the first one. I remember when my best friend had a baby. She was just home from the hospital and we were hanging out with the baby (who is now 18 & graduating high school) and thinking "wow you made this!"

Other times come and go depending on what your children are into.  Honor roll, helping others, defending others, defending themselves, winning character awards, hitting a home run, scoring a touchdown.. heck even making it through the school day without a note home from the teacher!

Then yesterday my 13 yo son did something that brought tears to my eyes.

He manned up and made amends with someone.

Large Blonde child had a friend growing up that suddenly didn't like him any more.  No idea why, but he just didn't like my son.  They had gone off in different directions so it wasn't a big deal... that is until he started picking on my son.

Now from here I only know the story from my son's point of view and of course both kids have different stories so let's just say things got ugly on the bus and it got physical and then it ended.

Now, a little over a year later they're not friends but run in the same circle of friends.  This other child still says he does not like my son, and refuses to hang out with the circle of friends if my son is around.  So I figure they'll just let it be and maybe eventually it will work out. 

Yesterday my son shows me a text message that he sent the other kid.  It wasn't an apology but more of a let's bury the hatchet type message.  And the other kid agreed.

I'm glad he agreed but I'm much much more impressed that my son reached out like that, he put himself in a very vulnerable situation.  He didn't go through someone else, he went right to the kid and that makes me SO PROUD. 

When I told some friends they said to me "you raised him right"  and all I could think of "you mean I did that?"

Parenting is so hard that I no longer sit on a high horse looking down my nose at anyone.  With my boys I definitely learned that what works for one may not work for the other.  But according to my sons actions, I'm doing something right. I may not do everything right but hopefully I'm on the right path!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day

I used to think of Memorial Day weekend like most of America... It's the unofficial start of summer.  Time for BBQ's and parades. Time for the Garden State Parkway to resemble a parking lot!

But within the last few years it has come to mean so much more to me. 

My brother & sister in law both put in 20 years in the Air Force.  Thankfully, neither of them saw action like my grandfather & father in law did. 

A few years ago thejerseyshoredad's Marine cousin did a few tours in Iraq. 

But they all lived through their time in the service. 

Then this year my friend's 25 year old son was killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, just 2 weeks before he was to come home. 

Cpl Phillip McGeath
US Marine
Killed 1/18/12

A parents worst nightmare is to lose a child.

So when you give your child to the United States because they want to defend their country and they don't give him back, that's more then any parent should have to go through.  She posts often on Facebook about how much she misses him and how she keeps hoping it's a nightmare that she will soon awake.  And every time she does I am at a loss as to what to say.  I just want to hop on a plane to Texas and give her a hug.

Since I can't do that, I'll share their story on my blog.

So this weekend when you're lighting the grill or cracking open another beer, please remember that while all gave some, some gave all.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Interesting way to propose

Does your beloved have a thing about the beach?  Ask her (him, whatever) to spend the rest of your lives together with a message in the sand!

Make it their screen saver, attach it in email, frame it & hang it on the wall and wait to see how long it takes before they notice it.  LOL

Proposals can be personalized just like my other beach writings.  Check out my shop HERE

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vote for me!

I found a photo contest that the prize is to have your photo included in a tv commercial!  I figured I'd enter.

I need to get 250 votes to make it to the next round.  Please go vote for me!

Vote Here

Thank you :D

The Fog!

It's a little scary when you can't see 200 ft down the beach!

But that didn't stop me from walking around a bit looking for sea glass & taking a few pictures.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I has a sad

Someone reported this page as SPAM to Pinterest.  I've been trying to contact them to let them know this page is not spam, but I'm just getting automated responses and no help.

This is not a spam page and I hope whoever reported me as spam is happy.

Just remember, Karma is a bitch and so am I.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Forgive me while I brag

I had the BEST Mother's Day ever, yesterday. 

While I woke up too early (6) it was ok.  I got up and made myself some coffee.  I sat here on the couch and was soon followed by my 10 year old son & then thejerseyshoredad.  I then took my coffee & my kindle and went back to bed.

It's a tradition that on Mother's Day and Father's Day, you are served breakfast in bed, so I had to go back to bed!

Lounging in my jammies reading and drinking coffee, what a GREAT way to start the day.  Soon came breakfast.  A toasted everything bagel with lots of butter & 2 eggs, sunny side up and 3 slices of bacon.  I'm getting hungry just remembering it. 

After that I finished my book (finally) and gave myself a manicure and a pedicure as thejerseyshoredad and the sons cleaned the house.

Yes, you read that right, they cleaned the house.

and MY CAR (just the inside)

and the front lower gutter (ok that took a little prodding, but the kids like climbing the ladder, so not much prodding)

Then the boys and I played a round of croquet as thejerseyshoredad made chocolate dipped fruit (oranges, pineapple & strawberries) and chocolate dipped pretzels too.  He also made a tray of Manicotti for supper. I had made a tray earlier in the week, but we were having company so he made a 2nd tray. Oh and did I mention he made a pot of sauce the day before so could make the manicotti? Can't forget the sausage either!

My dad, my mother in law, sister in law & her family showed up around 3 and we munched on the fruit & chips until dinner time.  Yes we ate the chocolate covered fruit as an appetizer and that was for a very good reason.

After dinner we played a bit and then went to the boardwalk (it's not that far from us).

It was busy but not bad.  2 year old nephew had a great time on the rides & my boys had some fun on the bumper cars & then over in the arcade.  I even got a picture of me and my 2 sons. I think the older one is taller then me now.

After about 2 hours we were tired and made our way back to our house, but not before a stop at Yellow Brick Road, our FAVORITE ice cream place.

Everyone came back here and we relaxed a bit while enjoying our ice cream.  

Soon after everyone made their way home and I relaxed with the thejerseyshoredad and watched Celebrity Apprentice.

I would not ask for a single thing to be different.  I love my family and consider myself to be very very loved.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  Please do not remove my name/logo from the picture if you decide to share it.  Remember, I'm Italian....... 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life is Good!

These last 10 days have been an awesome ride!  

When you start any kind of life venture you worry.

Is this a good idea
Is it right
Will others like it

Will I really like it, or will it become a hassle?

After the craziness of the last 10 days I can say yes, YES this was the best idea I've ever had! (besides marrying thejerseyshoredad of course) And not a hassle in the least! Hassle isn't even in my dictionary! ("Wheelhouse" for those watching Celebrity Apprentice)

I've been busy as all get out and I stressed over the Hoboken show
But it all worked out and never once did I think
"This is a bad idea"

I don't have a business plan in place, but one is starting to form.  I'm going to start building a vision board and from that I will develop a proper business plan.

And a fund for a shore house :)  I live 3 miles from the beach right now. My dream is to be able to walk out my back door to do my writings.  

Gotta have a dream, right?

What's yours?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Pure craziness around here lately and I'm loving every minute of it!  Everyone loves the Jersey Girl necklaces so I had to make a few more!  Plus a few others. 

Besides the article in last Sunday's paper, this Sunday I'm going to have a booth at the Hoboken Art & Music Festival!

Oh and the day job is busy too!

Someone posted about going outside your comfort zone, I am SO there!  LOL

Don't forget to visit my store!  CLICK HERE

Love you all!!!