Monday, March 23, 2015

My boyfriend is making me fat

Yes I have a boyfriend already...

I didn't mean to.  Honestly when the ex & I separated I figured I'd spent a few years dating around, going out & having fun & focusing mostly on my sons.  Then I'd think about settling down again.

Then Tony came along & happily made  me change my plans.

Another time I'll talk about him & how we fell in love... but today is about how he's making me fat..


When I was filling out my dating profile on Plenty of Fish I added in that I would not date a smoker and I would not date someone who was obese.

I used to smoke & I used to be obese and I didn't want to deal with either one again.  Being around a smoker not only stinks... but it would eventually lead to me smoking again... Same with someone who was obese & not taking care of themselves. I know myself, I know my will power or lack there of.

Tony is like me, lost a bunch of weight and working on getting healthy but we seem to be enabling each other. He likes to not only take me out to eat, but he likes to bring food for my kids!  One day my older son said "he's trying to fatten us up like the witch in Hansel & Gretel!"  LOL

But also we both have things going on that revolve around food.  First it was our birthdays & the holidays and recently it's been more formal events.

I'm up like 14lbs!  well 19 as of today but since 5 of it is from this past weekend, I know it will be off by next weekend.  Still not acceptable.

And I can only exercise lightly because of my Lyme's disease!  Last Thursday I took Odie for a 1 mile walk.  Later that day I suddenly felt like I had come down with the flu but without being sick!

I had to teach that night and it was very very difficult, so I'm not exercising today since I have to teach tonight, but I will tomorrow.

I have Beach Writings to do tomorrow so I'll walk the beach while I'm there too.  If it's too cold then I'll either walk Odie again or hop on my stationary bike.

The rest of of my agenda includes a lot of water with lemon (need to pick up lemons) and staying away from junk food.

We have another formal function to go to this coming weekend but I have no excuse to not eat properly between now & then.

Wish me luck!