Saturday, August 13, 2011

Eggies, a moms review!

So you've seen the commercial for these things and heard the promises 
"Just Crack, Cook & Twist"

Deviled Eggs without the hassle of peeling!
I was BESIDE myself wanting to try these, but at $10 for 6 plus $7.99 for shipping and handling, I decided to wait until they came out in the stores.  

Today at BB&B I found them (ok husband found them)!  So with my 20% off coupon, I got 6 of them for like $8.

I only got 1 box, which turned out to be a good thing since I only had 5 eggs!
(not sure why this picture is sideways, it didn't upload that way)

Just a little artistic shot.  BTW I was being lazy and grabbed my old point & shoot camera.  I let the kids use it and it doesn't always focus right.  This one came out pretty cool

Ok back to the story.  Directions say to oil them (or use cooking spray), put the top & bottom together and put the coupler (ring thing) around to hold them together. Then open the top, and crack the eggs in to the Eggie.  Easy enough, or so I thought.

Even though the directions say it will hold extra large eggs, what it does not tell you is that the Extra Large yolks have trouble fitting through the opening. 

So it got a little messy. (well a lot messy)

 This is how they looked before cooking
(see the picture on the wall to the left?  It's my Live Laugh Love 5x7's that I have for sale in my shop)

Good thing I only had 5 eggs, because 6 Eggies would not fit in my 3Qt pot.

OK the directions say to fill the pot with water so the Eggies float, bring to a boil & boil for 15 minutes.
 On the stove they go!

 Ut oh, something is leaking. 
 Oh well, I'm not stopping now!

 15 minutes later

Cooled and sitting on the counter.  What I don't have a picture of is the one that was filled with water.  Obviously it was the one that made the pot look like the clothes washer on that episode of The Brady Bunch.  Like I said, the camera I was using doesn't always focus right and well the pictures didn't come out.  So here are 4 of them.

Time to take them apart & see the results!  First you take the little tops off and then unscrew the ring & take the Eggies apart.

The directions say to squeeze until the eggs come out.  I had my husband do it so I could take pictures. 

 Even though I oiled the inside of the Eggies like the directions said, it did take a while to get the eggs out. He was shaking the crap out of them!

HA HA!  Success!  Got the first one out.

All of the eggs. They don't look like the do in the commercial.
Even the texture is a bit off. 

But they taste fine and worked for egg salad. 

Clean up reminded me of washing baby bottles.  The directions say they're dishwasher safe, but they're feather light and I knew they would end up melted at the bottom of the dishwasher.

All in all I give them 3 stars out of 5.

I will try again when I have more eggs.  

I have learned:
Oil them well (maybe use bacon grease?)
Snap them shut tight
put a LOT of water in the pan
not expect to make deviled eggs out of them!


  1. Thanks for the review. They look cool, but way too much work! I think I will stick to making deviled eggs the old fashioned way, which really isn't that hard!

    Mom on Caffeine

  2. Just ate the egg salad & it wasn't bad :D

  3. Wow, mine look good when they come out...yours look pretty gross! It does help to just crack yours eggs into the base of the cup and not do it through that tiny opening on top.

  4. Thank you for your review. I do things slightly different and get much Better results. I always put my eggs in the bottom portion then I place on the top and ring. I have never had my eggs look like your after photo. In fact, one of yours looks like the yolk broke. I use mine for hard boiled eggs and egg salad, I would buy this product again, I only paid $6.99 at Walmart, I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5.

  5. I just bought Eggies at the Dollar Tree. Only $1 and I got 6 of them! I just tried them and am waiting for them to cool.