Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sex on the Beach

I wrote this story a few years ago.
I'm not normally a story writer and as I read back over it, I see things I want to change. But that's for another time. Right now I just want to share it. Small warning that there is a tiny bit of adult stuff.

“Why are you up so late?” he asked.
“Can’t sleep.” She lied.
Little did her father know she was waiting to go out. Hoping that he would turn in soon, she sat seemingly engrossed in the show on television. But her thoughts were on her plans. She was sneaking out to meet Steve.
Steve was older. He was older by at least 7 years. To her, he was a real man.
They had flirted endlessly. Stolen glances when no one was looking, sly innuendos that only they understood. They had met at her boyfriend’s house. She wanted adventure, excitement, but boyfriend was boring. However, Steve… She thought Steve was everything. He spoke of his frequent trips to NYC, he wrote movies, he seemed so worldly. His band played out. Her boyfriend only ever played in the basement. Steve was going to take her places… or at least she that is what she thought.
Finally her father went to bed. She quietly picked up the phone and called Steve. He was on his way.
“Where are we going?” She asked when she got in his car a block from her house.
“Down the shore, maybe Belmar.”
Only in NJ do they call it the shore. Not the beach, not the ocean… but the shore.
The only part of the shore she had ever been to was Seaside Heights where her grandparents lived. She had never been to Belmar. He was already starting to take her new places!
Cruising down the parkway, she felt his hand on her thigh. She was not inexperienced… She knew what he wanted. And she was more then willing to give it to him. He brought her to orgasm with his right hand while controlling the car with his left. It had never felt so good. When the waves of pleasure overcame her she thought she was going to push the windshield out with her feet!
He flew by exit 98. “I thought you said we were going to Belmar.”
“I changed my mind,” he said “I want someplace more private so we can be alone.”
As exit 82 approached, he slowed the car. Great, she thought disappointed, Seaside Heights. She was not happy. She’d seen Seaside, she wanted something new and exciting, not the usual.
She crossed her arms and pouted, the way only a Jersey Girl knows how to do.
Seaside?” she said, quite annoyed.
“Relax,” he said “I’m going to take you someplace special, somewhere you’ll never forget.”
A smile played at her lips as her arms relaxed.
They drove past the dying lights of the boardwalk. It was late, the boardwalk hawkers were closing up shop and drunks were staggering their way to their cars. She watched the streets go by, mindlessly saying their names. She knew the island like the back of her hand. As a child she played on those streets making summer friends she swore she’d never forget. She looked to him as they passed 23rd Street.
“Are we going to Island Beach?”
He silently smiled.
Island Beach State Park was the jewel of New Jersey. It was 11 miles of untouched coast line. The person who gave it to the state stipulated in their will that it is to never be built on.
They parked on 24th street and got out of the car. It was late, so they couldn’t drive into the park.
“We walk from here” he said.
Excited about sneaking onto the island, she did not complain.
They walked through the sea grass and over the dunes. Little animals scurried by, annoyed at their intrusion. It felt like they walked forever. He had a backpack that she assumed contained a blanket and other items for a romantic night on the beach.
Finally he stopped walking.
Exhausted from the walk (and the adventure in the car) she dropped to the sand and relaxed. There was almost no moon. She sat up and watched the waves crash on the beach. It was so dark you could barely see the white heads as they engulfed the sand. How romantic, she thought. The beach was her favorite place. She knew her boyfriend would never do something as romantic as this.
While she was deep in thought of dumping her boyfriend for Steve, he laid the blanket out on the cool sand.
“Come here” he said, patting the blanket next to him.
Happily she got up and joined him on the blanket.
He took her in his arms and they made love. At least she thought it was love. But she was just a teenager, and gave love away too freely.
She looked in his eyes as he came. There was something there, some thing she had never seen before. What was hiding behind those dark eyes?
When he was spent, he rolled over. She laid on her back searching for the small sliver of moon that played gently on the water as he searched around in his backpack. The smell of sex and salt mingling around her.
Her thoughts returned to her boyfriend. Maybe he wasn’t so bad. He never looked at her like that. He looked at her with love. He hugged and kissed her after making love. He seemed ever so grateful to be in her life.
She never saw it coming. The hammer he had stashed in his backpack was the last thing that went through her mind.
He carried her into the ocean, letting the waves wash the blood from his naked body. He stood for a moment after letting her body go. Watching her lifeless form float out to sea.
The next day her body washed up on the shore. No one could explain how she got down there. Her parents thought she was in bed all night.
A week went by. Her funeral was very somber, as it usually is when a child dies. Devastated, her boyfriend called his friends. He had been interrogated over and over again by the police. He needed to go out and get his mind off of things.
They all piled in Steve’s car. Her boyfriend sat in the very same seat that she sat in the week before. He looked up at the windshield.
“Footprints?” said the boyfriend smiling. “I guess you had a hot time lately.”
“A hot time,” he said with a wicked grin, “a very hot time.”

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Someone asked me if my Border Collie Mix was pregnant.

My response "No, she's not pregnant, just fat."

If, as a woman, you've ever carried any extra weight, especially in the stomach area, you know how devastating being asked that question is. I've been asked a few times in my life, never once while I was pregnant either. I was even offered a seat on the subway once in NYC. I promptly went home and burned that shirt.

Thankfully Becca (the border collie mix) doesn't understand that question, but it still bothered me. Just like my children, my dogs are a reflection of me and how I take care of them. So having that question asked of me made me feel like a complete ass for not taking care of my dog! Even Odie, the Jack Russell Terrier, has been told he's getting fat. He's not, at every check up he weighs the same. He's just more fuzzier then normal, he needs a hair cut.

But back to Becca, she's always been a lazy dog. Sure she chases the frisbee but never for very long. She just likes to hang out. She's definitely an indoor dog. Loves the air conditioning, and has her spot on the couch. However to be asked if she's pregnant is just too much.

So now we walk 1 mile every day. It's good for her, Odie, me & whichever family member I can drag with me. As long as the weather is decent we will continue to do this and eventually move it up to 2 or more miles.

Because a female never wants to be asked if she's pregnant when she's not.

ALSO, let this be a lesson to everyone out there:

Unless you see the baby's head crowning, never NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant. There is no polite way to ask and more then likely you will just end up hurting her feelings. So keep your mouth shut and boil some water!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Never Give Up

Rather cliche, I know, but this weekend I witnessed a perfect example of what happens when you Never Give Up!

My 11 year old son plays Travel Baseball. This is in addition to his regular Little League team. At first I was grateful for this team because for an unknown reason, he was not getting much playing time on his regular team.

However, the travel team was not winning.

They got "mercy ruled" more then once, and after every game there were a bunch of very miserable boys. I don't know what the head coach was thinking, he kept using the same pitcher with the bad attitude every game (cough *his son* cough) and we just kept losing. He can pitch, he just can't lead the team. So when he would get a bad attitude, it would resonate throughout the team. The parents were mad as hell. This supposed star pitcher should have been thrown out of the game for talking back and a bad attitude more then once and their kids, who are good players, were riding the bench.

So they end the season 0 & 8. Not one single win. A few close games, but never a win. However, with the way the league is set up, everyone makes it to the playoffs. So the first playoff game comes and our last place team goes up against the 2nd place team (1st place team got the week off). The whole ride up there my son is complaining "we don't even belong in the playoffs, we suck" I remind him of the Giants last Superbowl win. They were the underdogs, New England had not lost 1 single game the entire season & post season. They were not favorites to win. But what happened? That's right, the Giants won! 18 wins & one Giant loss. It's one of my favorite catch phrases!

My husband tells me "star pitcher" can't pitch. He pitched the night before! (league rules)!!!!

So we're at the game and since we're the away team, we get up first and score 3 or 4 runs! Wow what a great start!!

The coach puts in Matt* to start off the game. Matt is a good pitcher and he's left handed which will confuse the batters. He has a good first inning, but a couple of runs score. However, we're still winning!

Top of the second inning we again score a few runs.

Bottom of the inning Matt is back pitching. A few runs score and you can see he's losing it. These kids are at such a fragile age, you have to take them out before it deflates their ego. The game is still close & we're still wining. I think it's 6 to 5.

The coach pulls Matt and puts in my son. My son can pitch. He's a great pitcher. It's really too bad his regular team coach never used him because he is really good. I know I'm his mom, but trust me, he's VERY good. And this day, he is ON FIRE! He is on his game 100% and then some! Let's put it this way, "star pitcher" had to stop catching because my son's pitches were hurting his hand!

Ok back to the game.

The innings are just flying by, the other team may have gotten some hits, but no one scored. My son pitched 4 shut out innings. AND AND!!! The very last out of the last inning was a line drive right to my son's head, AND HE CAUGHT IT!!!!!!

I could have cried I was so proud of him! He was shocked that he caught it too! The entire team ran in and jumped on him. They may not have won a single game during the season, but they just knocked out the 2nd place team, 10 to 5!

So when life gets you down & you think things are never going to get better, think of this little rag tag baseball team from the Jersey Shore that won a game they didn't even think they belonged in.

Don't forget to check out my website Names on the Jersey Shore !

*names changed to protect the innocent.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ohhh look at all the cobwebs! Ok, so it's been a while since I wrote. Life happens.

Recently I took 2 trips. One to the Dallas area for a baby shower and another to Fort Walton Beach, FL to see one niece graduate and to meet my other niece's baby, my great-niece! If you're thinking, "hey didn't you just say you're losing your house in the last post?", you're right. These trips were paid for with miles :D But that's not the point of the post.

Two trips in around 30 days and 6 flights (no direct flights from Newark to Fort Walton Beach).

And I don't like to fly.

There are two ways you'll get me on a plane.

1. Xanax - next to the computer, Xanax is one of the best inventions EVER. If you've never taken it, the best way to describe the effects is that it makes you not care. Some people say it turns off your brain. I can't say it turns off my entire brain, but it quiets down the part that thinks scary thoughts when flying. I take one sometimes before we leave the house to settle me. Then I take one as we board. I often think it's more of just having it to take then the actual affects of the medicine.

2. Put my kids on a plane. I'm not a "helicopter parent." I encourage my children to try things and have fun and explore. But even with Xanax I can't grasp the thought of putting the kids on a plane before they're 16 or so without a parent. Hell, when I was in some airport this trip I saw a news story about 2 kids getting mixed up. The girl was supposed to to Boston & the boy was going somewhere else, but the boy ended up in Boston & the girl in the other location. The kids were 8! I'm not judging parents that do it, it's just foreign to me, like the phrase "too much garlic" LOL

Oh and even on Xanax, I can't sleep on the plane. Seems like everyone I fly with can, but not me. So I amuse myself by looking out the window. Oh that's the other thing, have to have a window seat. Unless I'm about to pee my pants, I do NOT get out of my seat! Because the flight could be as smooth as a baby's bottom, but as soon as I get out of my seat, BAM turbulence! HATE TURBULENCE! I think it's because it reminds me that we are in the SKY and that there is 5 or so miles of empty space between us & Earth! LOL

So I amuse myself. If you hear the click of a camera shutter on a plane, more then likely it's me taking pictures out the window.

This is one of my favorites. We were coming back from California for my sister in law's wedding. I think it looks like an alien landscape.

So even though I don't like to fly I still do it. I will not let my fear keep me from seeing things I want to see. I've flown back & forth to different parts of Florida multiple times, Myrtle Beach, California, Dallas, and St. John, Newfoundland. Some day I want to go to go Europe, at the very least England, but I'd like to see Italy, France, Ireland and Scotland too.

And in closing, let me tell you, the two flights home were the smoothest I have ever had. I wanted to tip the pilot when the flight was over!