Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Someone asked me if my Border Collie Mix was pregnant.

My response "No, she's not pregnant, just fat."

If, as a woman, you've ever carried any extra weight, especially in the stomach area, you know how devastating being asked that question is. I've been asked a few times in my life, never once while I was pregnant either. I was even offered a seat on the subway once in NYC. I promptly went home and burned that shirt.

Thankfully Becca (the border collie mix) doesn't understand that question, but it still bothered me. Just like my children, my dogs are a reflection of me and how I take care of them. So having that question asked of me made me feel like a complete ass for not taking care of my dog! Even Odie, the Jack Russell Terrier, has been told he's getting fat. He's not, at every check up he weighs the same. He's just more fuzzier then normal, he needs a hair cut.

But back to Becca, she's always been a lazy dog. Sure she chases the frisbee but never for very long. She just likes to hang out. She's definitely an indoor dog. Loves the air conditioning, and has her spot on the couch. However to be asked if she's pregnant is just too much.

So now we walk 1 mile every day. It's good for her, Odie, me & whichever family member I can drag with me. As long as the weather is decent we will continue to do this and eventually move it up to 2 or more miles.

Because a female never wants to be asked if she's pregnant when she's not.

ALSO, let this be a lesson to everyone out there:

Unless you see the baby's head crowning, never NEVER ask a woman if she's pregnant. There is no polite way to ask and more then likely you will just end up hurting her feelings. So keep your mouth shut and boil some water!

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  1. Hello! I am visitning from LCF (saw the link in your sig). This post made me laugh, especially when you said "Unless you see the baby's head crowning NVER ask a woman if she is oregnant". Hahahahah, aint that the truth!!