Friday, November 15, 2013

Disrespect & the Marching Band

I sent this to our high school principal today. 

I've struggled all week with emailing you my concerns because I am not the voice of the Marching Dragons, I am just a parent. But after reading this article about a marching band being FORCED off the field by the football coach, I felt it was necessary that I contact you.

Last Friday night was not only an important football game,but it was Parent Appreciation night and Band Day.  I realize this is a lot to coordinate in the time allotted for halftime, but the event was poorly handled.

I don’t know exactly why the cheerleaders had a miscommunication, it’s not important, but it caused a delay in recognizing the supportive parents of the Cheerleaders & the Senior Marching Dragons.

This delay also caused the band cut short their 7 minute show,and for the middle school senior band to only be able to play one song.  Obviously things happen and we have to be flexible, however, I’m afraid that the middle school band left that night with bad feelings over how they were treated and we may have lost potential future Marching Dragons.

I feel the issue lies in how this delay was handled.  I’m not sure if it affected the cheerleaders, but I saw the band director & the Marching Dragons be completely disrespected by the football staff & team.  Their running back on the field with no regard to the band performing was uncalled for.  The band member work hard to perfect their performance and should at least be able to be able to perform it in it's entirety for their home fans.   Sadly, this was not a onetime occurrence.  At every home game, children are allowed to play on the field while the band is performing.  So not only do the band members have to play perfectly, they have to march perfectly and, only at home games, they have to watch for children playing near them, as well.

The band and the cheerleaders are there to support the football team.  Without the team there’d be no game to cheer, without the cheerleaders there’d be no spirit and without the band, the cheerleaders & the fans would have nothing to move to!  One away game last year the band was late because of a competition. I was approached by a football mom asking why the band wasn't  there.  I explained they were on their way and she went on to tell me that it’s not a game without the band!  Thankfully the band did arrive shortly thereafter.

So, why is this lack of respect allowed to happen? How can the high school encourage respect and have a no tolerance policy for bullying within its halls, yet allow it on the football field?  Something needs to be changed.  I think if Brick starts itand shows the nation that each group on the field is as important as the other,it can be a leader in fostering mutual respect between the groups.  This shouldn't be a “them vs us” this should be about everyone working together and respecting each other.  Maybe they should be encouraged to work together as a team off the field to foster it on the field.

I’ll be at the game tonight as a chaperone for the band if you would like to further this discussion.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Odie at the Beach

Odie helped me find some sea glass today too. 

I think I've been over doing it with sea glass jewelry so I'm taking a break from making any new stuff.  BUT I am going to take the sea glass and make other things.

I'm thinking maybe some picture frames and candle holders and coasters.  

Of course wind chimes too.