Friday, October 28, 2011

Printing on Lunch Bags

How cool is this????

Let's face it, Pinterest is the BEST time waster, EVER.  
Here is my Pinterest page
If you don't use Pinterest, the best way to describe it is it's a web page that allows you to "Pin" web pages, sort of like a visual bookmark.  So instead of it just being a name in a long list of saved Bookmarks or Favorites, it's pictures. To me, it makes it easier to find things.  Then you can sort them into categories or "boards" too! I'm going to pin the picture above as soon as I'm done posting this blog!  LOL

For whatever reason, you have to get an invite to Pinterest. If you want one, email me
and I'll send you one.

Back to printing on paper bags.  The pin I saw had directions for Illustrator.  I like MS Word or PowerPoint better.  So below are the directions from Word 2007. 

First you have to set the size of the page.  In Word 2007, go to the Page Layout tab (or ribbon, whatevertheheckyoucallit) then from the Page Setup section, click on Size.  At the bottom of the Size menu there is More Page Sizes, click on it.

In the box that comes up, change paper size to 
Custom size
Width 5.2"
Height 10.2"
And click Ok. 

This is what your page will look like. 

You can either insert a picture like you see above or text like the middle bag in the first picture.  Either way, you have to flip the picture or text over because the bag will go in your printer bottom of the bag first.   Make sure the picture or text is closer to the bottom to the page on the screen, so it doesn't end up on the bottom of the bag.  

Printing can be a bit tricky.  Thankfully I have 2 printers.  My Brother printer which is a bit older, jammed the bags every time, no matter how I put them in.  So I moved over to the Epson Artisian 810 printer and it worked just fine. 

No matter what printer you use, you're going to have to go into the settings and set the page size (er, bag size).  Also, you want the image to print on the part of the bag that is not folded up, so test your printer by writing "down" or something like that on the folded part, so you know which way it prints. 

You could come up with some really cute ideas.  My sons use little reusable cooler lunch bags, plus they're 10 & 13, if I started printing things on their lunch bags, they'd probably stop eating lunch all together!  But if your kids are younger, this would be a really cute idea.  Or goody bags for classroom holiday party goody bags!

I'm thinking this would be a cute idea for bags for when I do craft shows.  

I guess you'd need white bags to make lawn luminaries the right way.  Also if you're using real candles, don't.  Get the little battery powered tea lights.  Much much safer!

If you try this, I'd love to see the pictures!

Happy Printing!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gee Thanks for that

*warning I use a bad word or two*

I'm a little annoyed today. Well it started last night when a bitch cut me off and then glared at me like I did something.

Let me tell you the story.  Last night I'm driving home and I'm on Route 37 in Toms River. I'm in the far right lane because that's how you make a left in NJ.  No, you don't jerk your wheel to the left and cut across traffic, we have things called Jug Handles. Basically instead of making a left, you make a right and loop around back to the light & then cross the road you were just on.  These are only at traffic lights and are mean to reduce traffic. 

Whatever, all you really need to know is I'm slowly stopping in the right lane when this bitch comes from like 2 lanes over and nearly hits me to get in front of me.  So I beeped at her. 

Then as we get around the jug handle (which here is really around a block, don't ask) we get to the light and I pull into the center lane to go straight, she stays in the right lane and slows down to glare at me. 

She cuts me off, but I'm the bad guy.  OK whatever...

Fast forward to this morning.  

Just like every school day, my 10 year old son turns off his kids shows & turns on the Pix11 news, (out of NY) for me, at 7:30 and goes to make his breakfast (yes my kids make their own breakfast & lunch, that's another post for another day).  He puts his waffles in the toaster and comes sit back on the couch while they toast. 

I'm half asleep checking Facebook, working on my first cup of coffee, half listening to the news when a story comes on that they're discussing some new curriculum for the Sex Ed classes in NY.  

Then dear Suki on the news starts using words like "oral sex" and "anal sex"

So I want to play it cool, and honestly by now the story is basically over, so I don't want to jump to change the channel and make a big deal out of it, but OMG, really at 7:30 in the morning?????

But what was the point of that?  The story is about parents being upset over the new possible curriculum, so you make things worse by using that kind of language when kids are around having breakfast, getting ready for school

Had they just said something along the lines of "parents you may want to change the channel if you have little ones around."  That's all, nothing big.   Then the next story was about TSA agents finding a vibrator in someone's suitcase. 

I'm not a prude, far from it, but this is at 7:30 in the freaking morning.  I was actually moved to contact the station to complain.  I emailed, called & left a message on the station's Facebook page, no response.  The only response I got was from the Newscaster Suki on Twitter.  

I wrote:
 this & your discussion of anal & oral sex without a heads up to parents watching with kids is why I turned u off.
 "this" in my tweet refers to the vibrator story.  

She replied:
 Sukanya Krishnan . Yes I understand that! We should have said warning. Will bring it up to producers. It bothered me too.

But yet she laughed through it and the vibrator story.  I think she's just trying to make nice.    I won't watch the PIX news in the morning again. And I'm telling everyone about it too.  So pass it along.  As someone else said on the stations' facebook page, as their ratings stink the more raunchier they get.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Did I scare you?

This weekend was the Zombiewalk in Asbury Park, NJ
our 12th wedding anniversary
What better way to spend it, than at at Zombie walk??!!!??!!

 Even the kids got in on the act!
The one in the red jacket was the Zombie Hunter.  Anything to be able to walk around with a fake gun....  ahh boys...
My husband says to me "Don't you know this woman?"  Umm Yeah, it's my cousin Marina! <3

There were quite a few brides, I should have taken photos with each one.  While I was wearing my own dress, she was wearing her mothers!!!

One tired Zombie. 

We will definitely be going back next year! 

Just a side note.  it is so very hard NOT to smile when someone points a camera at you, but Zombies aren't supposed to smile!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Saturday Oct 22

I will be in Asbury Park, NJ for this. 

Did I mention it happens to fall on my wedding anniversary???

My friend at 
Had her way with my picture.
She Rocks!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Confessions of a Beach Writer

When I created this blog I didn't think of making it line up with my business name.  The Jersey Shore mom is a great title and it's all encompassing, but I want to eventually move over to my other blog, Confessions of a Beach Writer.  So sometimes there will be a post here, and sometimes it will be there, but I'll link them on both sites so you don't miss anything!  Here is my post for today.

Confessions of a Beach Writer

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

And this month I am more aware of it then before.  Someone very near & dear to me started Chemo for breast cancer this month.  So in her honor, I listed these in my Etsy shop with $10 of each sale going to the Susan G. Komen foundation.

The first one I listed sold in like 4 minutes so I put up a bunch more.  Get them while I have enough glass to make them!
Click here to get your own!

Quick Update (10/16) I've sold 5 so far!  And I may have changed my mind on the Susan G Komen foundation...  might find something more local to donate the money.