Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gee Thanks for that

*warning I use a bad word or two*

I'm a little annoyed today. Well it started last night when a bitch cut me off and then glared at me like I did something.

Let me tell you the story.  Last night I'm driving home and I'm on Route 37 in Toms River. I'm in the far right lane because that's how you make a left in NJ.  No, you don't jerk your wheel to the left and cut across traffic, we have things called Jug Handles. Basically instead of making a left, you make a right and loop around back to the light & then cross the road you were just on.  These are only at traffic lights and are mean to reduce traffic. 

Whatever, all you really need to know is I'm slowly stopping in the right lane when this bitch comes from like 2 lanes over and nearly hits me to get in front of me.  So I beeped at her. 

Then as we get around the jug handle (which here is really around a block, don't ask) we get to the light and I pull into the center lane to go straight, she stays in the right lane and slows down to glare at me. 

She cuts me off, but I'm the bad guy.  OK whatever...

Fast forward to this morning.  

Just like every school day, my 10 year old son turns off his kids shows & turns on the Pix11 news, (out of NY) for me, at 7:30 and goes to make his breakfast (yes my kids make their own breakfast & lunch, that's another post for another day).  He puts his waffles in the toaster and comes sit back on the couch while they toast. 

I'm half asleep checking Facebook, working on my first cup of coffee, half listening to the news when a story comes on that they're discussing some new curriculum for the Sex Ed classes in NY.  

Then dear Suki on the news starts using words like "oral sex" and "anal sex"

So I want to play it cool, and honestly by now the story is basically over, so I don't want to jump to change the channel and make a big deal out of it, but OMG, really at 7:30 in the morning?????

But what was the point of that?  The story is about parents being upset over the new possible curriculum, so you make things worse by using that kind of language when kids are around having breakfast, getting ready for school

Had they just said something along the lines of "parents you may want to change the channel if you have little ones around."  That's all, nothing big.   Then the next story was about TSA agents finding a vibrator in someone's suitcase. 

I'm not a prude, far from it, but this is at 7:30 in the freaking morning.  I was actually moved to contact the station to complain.  I emailed, called & left a message on the station's Facebook page, no response.  The only response I got was from the Newscaster Suki on Twitter.  

I wrote:
 this & your discussion of anal & oral sex without a heads up to parents watching with kids is why I turned u off.
 "this" in my tweet refers to the vibrator story.  

She replied:
 Sukanya Krishnan . Yes I understand that! We should have said warning. Will bring it up to producers. It bothered me too.

But yet she laughed through it and the vibrator story.  I think she's just trying to make nice.    I won't watch the PIX news in the morning again. And I'm telling everyone about it too.  So pass it along.  As someone else said on the stations' facebook page, as their ratings stink the more raunchier they get.  

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  1. I think we're twins on different sides of the world haha. I would have said something to the stupid maggot. And I'm sorry but I don't think anyone wants to even think about anal sex in the morning. And even if they think kids don't watch the news and watch cartoons, its still no reason to be bringing those things up an that time. I love your 'venting' posts, thanks for sharing