Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Almost Forgot!

Things have been a bit hectic around here lately.  

We had a storm come through on 7/29 that "they" say wasn't a tornado, but they didn't see what we saw.  Anyway, it caused a ton of damage and we spent the weekend removing trees & debris.  And then we figured since we were out there doing work anyway, we'd spruce up the front of the house.  Oh and I think I broke my finger back on 7/9.  I bashed it into the door frame by accident, but had somewhere important to be so no time for the ER.  Well it's several weeks later & it still hurts, so I have a doc appt tomorrow that I'm assuming he'll just send me for a Xray.  Anyway, here are some pictures of the storm damage, my finger & your free monthly calendar download!

Front of my house.  We power washed it & painted the white shutters black.  It looks so much nicer!

The tree that was struck by lightening back in 2008.  Due to $$ problems, we never had it removed, but we tied it off so if it did fall, it didn't fall on the shed.  It worked.  That's the top half behind it.  The Wisteria vines helped too. 

I like how this branch missed the chair!

 This used to be a clear path (it is again)

The wind from the storm SPLATTERED leaves all over the front of my house. I have NEVER seen this before. 

Umm I don't own a pool LOL 

 Thankfully this downed tree did not appear to cause any damage to the cars. 

And my next door neighbor was VERY lucky that this tree fell back and not to either side or it would have taken out a house. 

This is from one of the trees that fell down that we cut up.  Doesn't it look like Mickey Mouse?

What I don't have pictures is of the street behind me.  They lost 8 to 10 trees and those trees fell on houses & totaled cars.  That's when I learned I could never be a photo journalist.  The one I took up there of the tree on the car, I knew it wasn't bad and I was rather far away.  I couldn't take pictures of other peoples misery. 

But I can share my misery, here is my possibly broken finger.

And your free monthly calendar download.
Remember to click on it before saving it so you get the full sized version!


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  1. I love the calendar download, thanks!
    The storm here in my area of PA was bad too. Big tree in town fell on a house.
    I hope your finger gets better soon.
    It's August and I haven't been down the shore since APRIL. Next week, if it kills me!

    I've got a new blog home since I last commented I believe.
    Mom on Caffeine