Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's baaaaaaaaaackkkk

Ok so I sold out a bit.

When I found out Jersey Shore was going to film season 5 back in Seaside, I did this beach writing.

Printed it 20x30, framed it and gave it to one of the producers of the show.

Now I know it's not going to be in season 4, since they were in Italy and my chances of it being seen during season 5 are slim to none.... but I wanted to share it with you all anyway.

Though I did hear through the grapevine that the cast did see it & like it.  

I just hope it gets me some business :D  


  1. Hope this works out great as it is very clever. Downright adorable!

  2. great idea, nothing wrong with going "commercial!"

  3. What an ingenious move and a very entrepreneurial way to promote your shop and works! Wish you all the best! :o)