Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Did I do that?

There are times when you just look at your kids and think "wow, do I do that?"

The day their born is the first one. I remember when my best friend had a baby. She was just home from the hospital and we were hanging out with the baby (who is now 18 & graduating high school) and thinking "wow you made this!"

Other times come and go depending on what your children are into.  Honor roll, helping others, defending others, defending themselves, winning character awards, hitting a home run, scoring a touchdown.. heck even making it through the school day without a note home from the teacher!

Then yesterday my 13 yo son did something that brought tears to my eyes.

He manned up and made amends with someone.

Large Blonde child had a friend growing up that suddenly didn't like him any more.  No idea why, but he just didn't like my son.  They had gone off in different directions so it wasn't a big deal... that is until he started picking on my son.

Now from here I only know the story from my son's point of view and of course both kids have different stories so let's just say things got ugly on the bus and it got physical and then it ended.

Now, a little over a year later they're not friends but run in the same circle of friends.  This other child still says he does not like my son, and refuses to hang out with the circle of friends if my son is around.  So I figure they'll just let it be and maybe eventually it will work out. 

Yesterday my son shows me a text message that he sent the other kid.  It wasn't an apology but more of a let's bury the hatchet type message.  And the other kid agreed.

I'm glad he agreed but I'm much much more impressed that my son reached out like that, he put himself in a very vulnerable situation.  He didn't go through someone else, he went right to the kid and that makes me SO PROUD. 

When I told some friends they said to me "you raised him right"  and all I could think of "you mean I did that?"

Parenting is so hard that I no longer sit on a high horse looking down my nose at anyone.  With my boys I definitely learned that what works for one may not work for the other.  But according to my sons actions, I'm doing something right. I may not do everything right but hopefully I'm on the right path!

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