Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheap Christmas Pillow

My 10 yo son is home from school with walking pneumonia so I couldn't go to the beach today to fill my beach writing orders.

So I saw on I am a Lazy Mom's Blog the idea making a cheap Christmas pillow.
When I was at Target last night I picked up this cloth place mat for $4

Today I grabbed a bag of Polyfil at AC Moore for like $4 or $5

I only opened the place mat stitching enough to get my hand in with some stuffing. I figured the less sewing to close it, the better!

All stuffed and ready to be sew shut. 

I just stitched it by hand to close it.  I'm far from a great seamstress, but I am lazy and it was easier to just hand stitch the 6 inches then to drag out the dusty sewing machine that I probably shouldn't be lifting anyway due to the herniated disc in my neck!

Now to give it to the kid to make it all nice  & evenly fluffy!


  1. You won a Lazy Mom Award on my blog today!