Friday, June 28, 2013

Kids & Dogs!

See this very cute dog.

His name is Odie and he's a Jack Russell Terrier.  We adopted him about 5 years ago from a neighbor when one of her daughters developed a severe allergic reaction to him.

Late last night he was whining and whining at the back door.  I figured he had to go to the bathroom one last time.

Bad bad mistake.

He's out there running around like somebody left the gate ooooooooooooooopen..

(sorry for the ear worm)

when suddenly the house STINKS.  It has been in the 90's here for 3 or 4 days so the central AC unit has basically been running non stop. I thought for sure it blew a gasket or something. It smelled like burning rubber.

I open the back door, convinced I'm going to see smoking coming from the unit.

No smoke, instead I get a face full of skunk smell.

And Odie is behind the shed barking his fool head off.


My 14 yo son & I go out to check (husband is at work) and we run away screaming like little girls when we see the skunk he's got cornered.

Now it's a RECON mission.  

Son goes to grab his Airsoft gun and I grab flashlights and Odie's leash. 

By the time we get to them, Odie has chased the skunk out of the yard. 

Son leashed Odie and we bring him back towards the house.  There is NO way he's coming back inside so I do a quick Google search and learn that skunk spray is an oil.

Ok what gets rid of oil?  Dish soap.  So I find a recipe that mixes dish soap, peroxide & baking soda and soak him in it. 

Then a bath with dog shampoo
then Listerine (internet suggestion)
and another dog shampoo.

I think we got it.

But the house stinks. I text with neighbor because the skunk went in her yard & she has a dog.  She tells me her house stinks too!

Husband comes home from work (and getting tomato juice) and says you can smell it down the street!

I give him some calming meds (it's a doggie kind) and put him in his crate for the night.  

This morning everything smells a little better. I have several candles burning to help in the house. 

Odie doesn't smell on his body, but his face STINKS.  

He's getting shaved today (needed before the skunk incident) 

And we're going to have to see what I can safely do to his face to get rid of the smell a little more. 

Fun times, fun times!

Update 7/1
Odie has been bathed a few times and got a hair cut.

He still stinks when he's wet, but otherwise it's not too bad.  My friend brought me some cinnamon sticks to simmer in water (i used the crock pot) and the house smells fine.  

The incident happened behind the shed, so that area still needs to be addressed.  

In my humble opinion, I think the dish soap/peroxide/baking soda bath was the most effective.  Just make sure it doesn't get in their eyes. 

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