Friday, July 19, 2013

Dry Erase Photo DIY

Ok maybe not a true DIY as you're going to buy the photo from me :)

 I always thought these were a cute a idea. 

They're all over Pinterest and very easy to do. 

But what if you don't want a calendar?  What if you want something a little cuter?  

Maybe something like this?

 Hang it on a wall somewhere, tell people where you're going or how much you love them.

They're very easy to make.

Take the photo you buy from me
(I'll trim it to 8 x 10 before I ship)

Put it in a frame & grab a dry erase marker or even just a washable marker, either works!

Hang & write your message!

You can get the photo fast if you order personalized like below.  I offer these as a download so you'll have it in your email within 24 hours

Or if you want it blank, I offer those as a mailed, printed photo.  

But either can be found in my shop!

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