Monday, February 2, 2015

Oh hey look... my blog

Wow, I really suck at Blogging!

Let's try to get back to doing this.

Update on me
Ex moved out so it's just me and the kids
We had to put down our border collie Becca 2 weeks ago, that sucked and still does
Weight is about the same
I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease and I recently started a long term antibiotic treatment, let's hope it works. It's actually what they call "late state" Lyme's because apparently I've had it forever.

My kids are doing awesome and appear to be ok with the divorce

Even though I did not want to date, I started dating.
Then I said "no relationships!  I'm just going to go out & have fun, nothing serious"
Yeah, that didn't work either. I met the most wonderful man in the whole world & I couldn't be happier.  We've been dating since 9.27.14.  He is absolutely amazing.

Ex has had some women issues including one where I feared coming home and finding my Jack Russell Terrier in a pot of boiling water... (you have to have seen the movie to get that reference). Otherwise we get along ok.  I wouldn't say we're friends, but we're still decent to each other so things are going along ok.

I still have my awesome day job of being an online trainer working from home. I recently started helping out monitoring the sales calls which is kind of neat.  I also teach for the local adult school and this semester I'll be teaching 2 nights a week this spring.

And of course I still have my awesome store! You should check it out!

I'm trying to think of different ways to keep me blogging, so hopefully it won't be months before I update again!

I've started making sea glass necklaces that could be used for bridal parties, so that's fun. 

I think I'm going to keep focusing on the beach writings.  Tons of people make jewelry and a lot of people make sea glass jewelry and even though mine is different, it does tend to get a little lost in the shuffle.  I figure if I focus on the beach writings, which is my first love, and spend down time working on sea glass creations, hopefully it will work out.

Hope you're all doing well!!!

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