Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Corner Shower Shelf

Even though the corner shower shelf we had said it would never rust, it did. So it was time to replace it. I decided I did not want another one with a pole, so I bought the ones you can attached to the wall with the double sided tape they provide, or the suction cups.

Well the tape sucked & the suction cups didn't. Hell the double sided tape & suction cups couldn't even hold up the shelves, much less anything we put on them. So I decided to take matters into my own hands!
E-6000 glue is amazing!

First thing I did was made sure I had all the pieces, cleaned them and laid them all out.
Then, using the E-6000 glue, I glued all the pieces together and let them dry in a place that they would not be disturbed.
While the pieces were drying, I cleaned the hell out of the corner. Our bathroom is about 25 years old and really needs to be updated, but I don't have $5k, so behold my 80's tile! Once clean, I wiped the whole area down with Windex so it would dry quickly.
Then I took the E-6000 glue and glued the fuckers to the wall.
Since I did not want to stand there and hold them while they dried, I used packing tape to hold them in place.
And let it dry over night.

Now it is a month later & I can say with confidence, IT WORKED!!!!
Why am I sharing this oh so boring story with you? Because I want you to take a moment and think about all those things that are not working the way they're supposed to. I want you to think about what you can do differently to make them work for you.

This does not only apply to home projects, but life as well.

Besides the shelves not working the way they were supposed to, at 40 my finances were not right either. So instead of applying for job after job that a thousand other people were applying for as well, I created my own source of income. In my case, it was my beach writings. I have not earned a ton of money doing them, but it's building and I'm branching out. I'm working towards a goal of being able to bring in a substantial income doing something I love, and maybe, just maybe, making enough that I can do it full time. I love my day job and I'm very good at it, but to be my own boss, that would be ideal.

My husband also has a side job that he is working towards being able to provide a much better lifestyle for us. If you are good with people and interested in making enough money to say goodbye to your boss, contact him He is more then willing to share the wealth with you!

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  1. Just awesome!! Your post seriously made my day!! OMG lmao... "Then I took the E-6000 glue and glued the fuckers to the wall." You GO GIRL!! LMAO omg i'm laughing while I write this, lol.

    I love it!! you ROCK!!!