Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Dogs of our Family

I don't get on a soapbox often, it's not my style. However one thing I am passionate about is rescuing animals. I don't believe in paying thousands of dollars for purebred dogs or my personal favorite the designer breeds (ie MUTTS). There are so many awesome dogs (and cats, but I'm allergic so we're not addressing cats today) dying in shelters every day.

Enough soapboxing. I bring this up because I want to tell you about my 2 awesome dogs!

First there is Becca.
Becca is a Designer Beltie. LOL As far as we can tell she's a Border Collie/Sheltie Mix

We spent some time fostering dogs. We were looking not only to help out, but we were also looking for a dog that was the right fit for our family. Becca came to us one day and I knew immediately she was in her forever home with us. I thank the people who gave her up because we could not be happier with her. She is the best dog ever.

We had her for about a year or so when a neighbor told me she was going to have to get rid of her Jack Russell Terrier because one of her children had developed a severe allergy to him. I'm not sure who put their hand up my back making me into a puppet, but suddenly the words "we'll take him" came out of my mouth, and Odie became a part of our family.
Odie was not an immediate good fit like Becca. JRT's are dominating and hyper and a pain in the ass from the get go and Odie was the epitome of those traits. In the beginning he growled at me and tried to bite me once or twice. But with some training and patience, he learned his spot in the family.

The one who should get most of the credit for teaching Odie how to be a dog was Becca. Really. She treats him as if he was her puppy. She dominates him and corrects him. It really is an amazing thing to watch.

However, things are not perfect in dogland.... Odie learned a lot from Becca... INCLUDING how to sit in the bay window. I come home to this often. She jumps down as soon as I get out of the car, so this is the best picture I have of her doing it.

Odie doesn't care if we're home or not to make himself comfortable. Just a little while ago I went downstairs to get some coffee and found this.
Not sure how the blanket got in the window but Odie has made himself quite comfortable.
Little shit.


  1. JRT's are my fave dog next to Beagles, lol. Love both names Becca and Odie. The two names just sound good together, awesome. Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a marvy day! Lmao@lil shit! HA!

  2. Schucks, no need to thank me, I should be thankin' you as I enjoy the reads from the life of the "Jerseyshoremom", hehe. Hope you're havin a T-riffic Tuesday! :o)