Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Help me brainstorm!

This weekend my husband & I are going to Wildwood. He joined the Elks last year and they do a whole convention down in Wildwood. For 2 nights at the hotel and all the food & alcohol we can consume, it's only $300. And we were able to pay it in installments which was great. No, the kids are not coming with us. Maybe next year this is our first year.

So I want to be able to sell my beach stuff while I'm there. I have a bunch of necklaces and there isn't enough time to make any more. So I was thinking of just going through my pictures and finding a few nice ones and use photo shop to write Wildwood, NJ or find out exactly what they call this convention and add that as well.

Or I could go down to the beach and write something in the sand about the elks & add Wildwood, NJ. etc.

If the weather is nice I will take custom orders too.  I'm going to bring my laptop & printer so I don't have to print out a ton ahead of time.

I'm still working on my 1st cup of coffee so forgive me if this is crazy LOL

If you leave a comment with an idea, I'll send you a coupon code for 15% off anything in 

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  1. Hi you!
    Firstly, I hope you've a grand time at the convention and sell a ton! I know you won't have time to, but for future reference, how's bout printed tee's, coffee mugs, calenders? Just a thought, but I'm sure you've already thot of. Talks soon!! :o)