Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I was right

No one came to my blog searching on the words Jennifer Aniston Naked. 

Now I need to come up with a blog topic. I've been uninspired to blog lately.

Because I've been Pinning.

Do you know what Pinningis?  Ever heard of Pinterest?

Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard or Bulletin Board.  If you find something on the net you want to share with others, Pinterest is the way to go. 

I like it a lot.  

You should check it out.

Some things I've Pinned...

And of course I pin my own stuff too :D


  1. I don't exactly know how the search engine optimization works but you may get hits if your topic goes higher on Google. I know I did a piece on Roman Polanski once and got some rather unusual comments from someone that I presume was part of his PR team. I've also made mention of people I've known and gotten comments from people I did not know but who knew the people I was talking about and I'm sure they found my post through a Google search of the person. If you're interested you might want to experiment with some other topics. "Jennifer Aniston Naked" has a lot of entries competing with yours.

    SEO (search engine optimization) is an interesting topic and the key to getting site hits. I wish I knew more about the topic.

    Love the Diet Coke with Bacon. That is obscene.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Lee I sell on Etsy and there is a whole team over there discussing SEO, I should go check it out. It seems like my Eggies review brings the most people through searching. Boardwalk food comes in 2nd.

    Angela i want those shoes so badly LOL