Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas is coming!

As my friend so nicely pointed out, only 3 more paychecks until Christmas!  
(If you get paid biweekly like me.)

So there really isn't any time to procrastinate. Especially for Christmas cards!  I am here to make things a bit easier for you.  Let me make your Christmas cards.  All you'll have to do is, purchase the listing on Etsy or Zibbet, then send me the picture you want in my template, I'll email it back and then you can send it to Walgreens or Costo or where-ever and have it printed out!  Easy Peasey, Lemon Squeezy... 

I have no idea what that means.... sorry.

Anyway, here is the template for adding a picture.

If you want it a little more animal friendly, I have this one

And I do offer custom beach writings with the Santa hat too. 
Happy Shopping!

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