Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Ocean didn't want to play today.

Most days, when I go to the beach to fill my custom beach writing orders, the ocean practically dances for my photos, and I am absolutely grateful.

Then there are days like today where I can not get one single thing done. 

The ocean was definitely dancing today. 

But it kept trying to get me to dance with it!

I had to run for my life (ok run for my dry feet!) more then once this morning!  There were 2 old guys standing up on the stairs and I am pretty sure I heard them laughing at me running from the waves!
I need a pair of those hip waders that fishermen use!

Or at least waterproof boots.

I couldn't really write anything today without it being washed away before I could even get 1 picture!
The birds weren't even safe!
Run birdies RUN!

No matter where I wrote, the waves immediately came and washed it away.  The sand could have been completely dry, but as soon as I put stick to sand, WOOSH it got washed away!

So instead I spent about 45 minutes walking through this rock field looking for beach glass. 

I found quite a bit!
Yes, I know the big round one isn't beach glass, but it's a really cool stone, so I took it.  

Becca was a little mad at me for not taking her to the beach today.  I'm actually blogging from the front porch because I'm afraid to walk in the house!  

LOL Just kidding, my dogs rock! 


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