Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bad Ass Beach Glass

Bad Ass Beach Glass Charm

What is Bad Ass Glass? It's beach glass found on the Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore beach glass is so bad ass it needs to be caged & put on a leash!

I captured this bad ass beach glass when I was on the beach doing my custom beach writings.

Some days I find a gang of glass, some days it finds a better hiding spot.
January 31, 2012 was a good day. 
I've taken the bad ass glass and some wire and made cages to keep them from harming others. You can use it as a key chain,  a phone charm, or even a USB charm.  If you're crafty yourself, you can take the charm off the chain & attach it to a necklace! Just make sure you keep it leashed as it is bad ass beach sea glass!

Get yours here

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  1. OMG I wondered why this post got so much attention... it's all you freaks searching for ass beach or glass ass or glass ass beach.... seriously??? I don't even want to know!