Thursday, March 1, 2012

I swear, I'm female

I'll admit it, there are times when I'm not so girlie.  I grew up with brothers & most of the kids in my neighborhood were boys.  I could climb trees & fences in a heart beat. I was pretty good at spitting for distance (omg did I really just admit that) and was not afraid to be the only girl playing street hockey.  

I still am not always very girlie, even at 42.  While my favorite of all times movie is a chick flick (When Harry Met Sally) my other favorite is Independence Day.  I only wear makeup when necessary but I am good at putting it on. The dresses in my closet have dust on them, but I do have a favorite skirt... it's a denim skirt... are you surprised?? LOL  

Even though I did originally want a daughter, I'm very happy to only have sons. (though I love my nieces dearly!)  I coached a baseball team & have shown the male coaches that my older son did not get his pitching arm from his dad.  I mostly live in jeans & t-shirts, but the t-shirts are female cut ones.  If you've got it, flaunt it, right?

So what brings this all up?  With all the shows on TV, especially the reality shows like the Bachelor, Jerseylicious and the Real Housewives of whatever town they're in now I surely can find either online or OnDemand... I'm watching Top Gear, not a very girlie show at all.

What is Top Gear?

It's a show on the History Channel that has these 3 guys doing different things with cars & trucks.  Adam Ferrara (Cpt on Rescue Me - another show I LOVED), Rutledge Wood & Tanner Foust, crack my shit up.  I have no idea where Rutgers.. er I mean Rutledge & Tanner come from, and don't care either, they're funny.

The last episode we watched they had to find cars that would make good trucks.   It doesn't even matter what they picked, what cracked me up is how they abuse the shit out of each other.  They had 3 challenges that included driving and whenever they would stop, they'd crash into each other and without fail, each time they crashed, the guy having been crashed into would get out of his car & say "REALLY?" in a highly annoyed voice & it got me every time.

So today I'm sitting here scanning the channels and see it's on.  OH and this time it's muscle cars.... OH I have such a thing for muscle cars.  An old boyfriend taught me to drive a stick on his 67 Camaro.  OH how I loved that car.  I love the new ones too, and I will have one, a convertible one please.   I'd like an old one too.  69, convertible of course.  I want the new one to be all black and the old one to red, Candy Apple Red, with a white leather interior.

There is nothing like the rev of the engine of an old muscle car.  That deep base rumble...  Sorry, got a bit distracted there, I'm back. 

Anyway, if get a chance to catch this show, watch it, trust me. 


  1. LMAO! So that's where you were!! Posting about gear-heads, muscle cars, and being a "not so girlie" type, lol. LMAO@crackmyshitup~!

  2. Suzie, we could be twins! Ditto hanging with my brother and outrunning him & his friends and still prefer hanging with the guys. Have 3 sons & a nephew in the house. Movies? Princess Bride & Armageddon. I WILL own an early 70's red Corvette convertible someday and love BBC's Top Gear especially when they race campers. I haven't watched the US version yet but now I'll have to. =D

  3. I've never watched the American version of Top Gear, but I LOVE the British version! Its hilarious!! If you can, find the episode where they drive across the South. Maybe I find so funny b/c I live in Alabama . . . but maybe not . . .

  4. Over the weekend the Minivan one was on. I had to turn away when they were driving up the mountain. Now I know none of them died, but I have a fear of edges & those were some scary edges!

  5. I tweeted a link to this blog post to Adam Ferrera. He read it & said he was forwarding it to BBC!!!