Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boy that was stupid!

Ever just do something SO STUPID that you can't believe you did it?

Yeah I did that yesterday. (not that yesterday was the only time I did something SO STUPID - remember my Thumb vs. Car Door post?). Yesterday's was almost as bad and could have been a lot worse.

I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday.

First off, a MRI on my back.

That whole story is for another day but that is my lower back, and it doesn't look good.

Then a quick stop at Walmart for jeans for my son & WaWa for coffee (best coffee ever!) 

After that I hit the water store for 5 bottles of water for my water cooler. 

Quick stop at the Post Office & then to the beach.

So from the water store to the beach, I've made a dozen + turns, had to hit the brakes hard to avoid a jackass driving and talking on the phone and I drove about 12 miles.

And this is where the stupid move comes in.

I parked on an incline.

Didn't even think that for the last 12 miles the 5 FORTY POUND bottles have been rolling around the back of my car.

I open the back & one comes FLYING out at me

and bashes me in the shin.

So while the my back is totally screwed, it's nice to know I have strong bones because for a half of a second I was sure I had just broken my leg.

Today it's tender to the touch but no bruise and I was able to do my beach writings, find some sea glass & take some pictures. 

I was also able to finish my errands and make it to work on time!

So what stupid thing have you done lately?

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