Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter C: Car door vs. Thumb

Since I go to the beach every couple of days to fill orders for my custom beach writing business, my car usually looks like I've been on vacation at the beach for 2 weeks. There is enough sand to build a sandcastle ground into my carpet.

Yesterday, I decide to clean it. I go out with the garbage bag and Windex and make the inside all pretty. I attempted to vacuum it, but the filter on the dyson was full so I had minimal suction. You need serious suction to get sand out of a carpet. At that point my younger son asked me to drive him to his friends house. I figure since I'm going out anyway, I'll hit the do-it-yourself car wash & vacuum out the car.

Drop the child at his friends and head over to the car wash. I pull in and there is plenty of open spots so I pull in and get out of the car.

And close the car door on my right thumb.

I saw stars and grabbed my right thumb with my left hand. I stay like that for a few moments and slowly open my hand to check out the damage.

That's when I saw BLOOD! :faint:

I have napkins in the car but nothing to really clean the wound so I wrap it up in napkins and head home. I'm mad at myself because I wanted to do a little shopping after cleaning my car, but I can't go out with BLOOD all over my hands! LOL

Of course I had to take a picture of damage. Not only because I take pictures of everything, but also I needed to ask everyone I know if I needed stitches LOL General opinion is that I did not need stitches. So if you are brave, click the link below.

I'm leaving the picture as a link for the squeamish (like me)
My Injury

It's still sore, but thankfully not broken.


  1. Oly Shite! Looks like you're gonna get to keep the nail tho? Ughs, sooo sorry to hear and see as the thumb and index fingers are the worse to smush. Glad no stitches! Hope thumby mends quickly.

  2. Did you heard what Rob Matts said about that?

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