Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P - How to make Photo Glass Pendants

One day I was reading my sister in law's blog  where she had blogged about using her photography to make pendants.  I thought that was as cool as can be, so I followed to link to see how to do it. 

Even though I sell these in my shop, I have no problem sharing how I make them.  It's not like you can't browse the web & figure it out anyway!

I was looking for something to sell at craft fairs and I thought it fit the bill perfectly. 

I started out using the landscape shots I took to make pendants. 

And then I moved to making Christmas ornaments

And then it just went from there!

This heart is customizable with initials or very short names!

This was a big hit for Valentine's Day this year

Just listed this one today.

I even made a few magnets.

And my favorite, Bridal Wine Charms!

And amazingly, all of these are available in my shop!

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  1. thank you for the link! your necklaces rock, sista! :)