Monday, April 18, 2011

The Ocean


2/3rds of the Earth's surface is covered in water, yet we know so little about it.

We've made it to the moon and back, yet still can't get down to the deepest depths of the ocean.  There are creatures living down there no human has ever seen.

As I stand on the beach doing my beach writings and look out over the horizon, I can't help be feel so small.  The ocean just goes on forever.

Watching the waves, knowing at any second the ocean can surge and take me out.  It makes me feel weak, yet strong at the same time.  Even though my Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, which is an fire sign, I feel the ocean feeds me.  Spending my mornings watching the sunrise, marveling how the birds skim the water as the fly by, it's my idea of heaven. 

I'm never scared when I'm at the beach, even when I'm the only one on the beach.  

What does scare me is what we humans are doing to the ocean.  While NJ has a bad rep for having dirty beaches, we really don't.  You don't have to walk through fields of dirty needles or other medical waste.  But there is garbage on the beach.  Sometimes I bring my sons with me to the beach and we collect the garbage.   Unfortunately our bag is always full when we leave and we don't get it all. 

So here is my new rule for you if you're going to share my ocean with me.

Whatever you take ON the beach, you take OFF the beach. 

Bottles, cans, wrappers, cigarette butts, everything. 

It's not very hard, there are garbage cans at the entrance to ever beach I've ever been on, use them.

Because even though the ocean seems vast and endless, it's not.  And it's our job to protect it.


  1. now the folks just need to listen to your wise words! Thanks for sharing and having an awesome blog. I wanted to present you with an award. To collect it, please follow this link:

  2. Wow, CONGRATS on another award!!! I agree with Kim as you've some truly inspiring posts and this one's a really good one. I especially loved your statement "it's my idea of heaven" as this is the way I feel about both the beach/ocean and the forest. Thanks for the awesome read and have a super day :o)