Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for Yellow

Yellow is one of my favorite colors, along with Purple.  

Especially when it comes to seeing the bright yellow sun when I have beach writings to do. 

For, what seemed like ALL of April, the yellow sun was hiding.  It would come out once in a while, IMHO - not enough.

But now we are moving on to May and we can say goodbye to the April Showers and look forward to the May Flowers. (which bring pilgrims, according to my 9yo son) 

It also means that the April blogging challenge is coming to an end. 

I've really enjoyed the challenge of blogging every day has brought. Let's face it, some letters are very hard, including today's letter Y.

I've got something for Z, but Y has proved to be hard. 

So for you, I present the Yellow Sun. 


  1. I love Yellow...I also love the sun. Good choice. It's been a great challenge and I've found some interesting blogs that I want to keep up with.

  2. This whole last week of blogging has been extremely difficult. Perhaps it's just exhaustion setting in after a long month. But good on ya' for getting through!
    Yellow is on my list of "emerging favorite colors," along with orange and green. I'm usually the kind of guy who only wears blue or white shirts. On crazy days, I wear white with blue stripes. But lately, my lady friend is making me wear colors, and low and behold---I'm actually starting to enjoy it!
    Good post, and looking forward to Z!

  3. Native Americans interpreted yellow to symbolize love and being able to overcome challenges, so in essence your choice for using "yellow" is befitting your love of the sun/ocean and your a to z blog challenge. My hats off to ya Suz as I've not the patience nor the mental stability to have attempted such an endeavor :o). Who'd a know'd you like yellow and purple which happens to be my Minnesota Viking's colors!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Never - Giants fan and you know that! Red & Blue make purple so I'm good :D LOL