Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too bad Procrastination doesn't start wtih K

I have been procrastinating all day about blogging about something that starts with the letter K.  Then when I did finally come up with something, I got too busy to write.  So here it is, around 10pm and I'm finally sitting down to write it out.

So what starts with the letter K?  Why Karaoke!!!!  

In Japanese, Karaoke means "empty orchestra"  or so says Wikipedia.  Strange translation.  It  should mean, "drunk people singing somewhat badly."  LOL

Actually doing Karaoke can be fun not only for the person or group singing, but for the audience as well.  It all depends on what you sing, not how well you sing. 

Seriously.  It's not just about singing, but showmanship and appealing to your audience.
Pick the right song for the crowd & play it up.  That is really all it takes.  Oh and probably picking a song that is in your range helps as well. LOL Like when you hear someone try to sing the National Anthem and they start out too high and then can't hit the high notes later in the song.  

I know someone who had a decent singing voice, but she would pick obscure songs and that just made it boring.  Pick a song people can sing along to.  In NJ, anything by Bon Jovi or Bruce or even Billy Joel, usually appeals to a good portion of the crowd and will get everyone singing along.  Find a song that people are going to know the words to. Just because the random "B" side song (yes I just dated myself, shut up, at least I didn't have an 8-track player in my car) is your favorite doesn't mean it's going to wow them at Karaoke because you can belt it out better then the artist that records it.

You can really take this advice to starting a business as well.  Appeal to your audience.

Don't try to sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo.

I'm actually having to do this with my business.  I do custom beach writings.  I mostly sell in my online shop, but I'm branching out to craft shows.  I've done 3 so far.  One in Colonia one in Hammonton and another in Brick.  My best show was the one in Colonia.  Why was that?  Could it be because I was further away from the shore?  Maybe.  This weekend I'm doing a show in Manville (so the blog on Saturday will be posted later in the day).  If I find that my beach writings and the items I make from my beach writings 

sell well at the Manville show, then maybe, just maybe my stuff does sell better away from the shore.  Or could it be that the Colonia show was in early December and my stuff makes awesome Christmas gifts.

It's all a crap shoot, really.  


  1. These would do so well here on the Island! They are lovely! I will have to keep you in mind for b'day gifts!

  2. I think its because the Colonia show was filled with a large variety of vendors, alot of shoppers and a few people really pushed people your way!!! No, it is because your beach writings are a unique idea and do make wonderful gifts and that is what people want, something different, yet something so personal :)