Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Letter E for Etsy

I sell on Etsy. I decided a year ago (tomorrow) that Etsy would be a good place for me to get started selling my custom beach writings. There has been some rumblings from some sellers about the direction Etsy is going, honestly, I stay out of it. I thankfully haven't had any problems, and since I've only been doing this for a year I have no way of knowing if my sales are slowing or growing.

One of the BIG BIG bonuses of selling on Etsy is the connections you make. So in honor of blogging the alphabet and today being the letter E, I'm going to show you the friends and connections I've made on Etsy. Since I have the worst memory, I will say this list is NOT complete!

NeverTooOld - GREAT guy, friendly, has awesome stuff in his shop and a great blog too!
UmlautGraphics - Funny, funny woman with some amazing graphic abilities!
Annabelsaprons - Not only does she make great aprons, she's HYSTERICAL to talk to! Ask her how her screen printing is going!
Funky Chunkies - This one keeps tempting me with her awesome bracelets! You have to check them out. Another GREAT person to chat with!
PureSimplicitySoaps - Hysterical, fun, smart & she makes homemade Vegan soaps. I didn't know soaps weren't Vegan until I started chatting with her!
Heartsabustin - I'm so glad I don't sell jewelry on etsy, I wouldn't want to be in competition with this great shop owner! She has such original stuff!
CosmikSouls - Not only does she make some of the most unique items on etsy, she has a great business sense as well I enjoy our conversations!
BigSkyArtworks - They make "hand thrown unique art" I have no idea what hand thrown means. But their stuff is really cool! And they're always fun to have in chat!
MarkEdell - Amazing photographer!
TheTeaPartyLady - I know this owner in real life and she makes me wish I had a daughter!
FreedomToExpress - She's so sweet. In chat she'll promote your shop over and over again! Love her!
VetekArtistMaine - Not only does he make chat fun, his paintings are amazing. Love his newest one, Hundertwasserhaus
1madwoman - Great bags, and becareful when drinking something when she's in chat, or at least have a towel to wipe off your monitor!
TwinkleJewels85 - Another great woman to chat with and funny! Her shop makes me think of the beach with all the turquoise!
HeritagePrimitives - Fellow Jerseyian and creates some amazing beautiful wood signs with some great sayings!
- One of the first chatters I bought from. She is so sweet & kind, a true treasure to know!

Ok I have to stop here and get back to my day job. I will probably update this list as the day goes on. But please check out their shops, and mine too!!!


  1. Nice list of shops. I will be sure to browse them.

  2. Wow I'm so honored to be placed along side such creative and talented people! Thank you for the love!

  3. LOL, the first time I visited your blog, I didn't look at your Etsy shop, and when I ready your wrote on the beach... I thought you went to the beach to write.... not that you actually wrote in the sand! Too cool!!!!

  4. WOW Susan ... What a very pleasant surprise. I am delighted and honored to be your Etsy friend .. and if we lived closer I'm sure we would be having some great times on the shore. You know I am a fan of your work as I am not shy about letting it be known. Awesome concept and fabulous photography ! Thanks so much I love your comments above about me and my collection ... My designs are unique even for Etsy ... wouldn't have it any other way ;) But I do also encompass an entrepreneurial spirit ... along with mega doses of humor to keep it all in perspective. Thank you so much for the honorable mention ... I am delighted that we have connected. Continued success Names On The Jersey Shore ... aka Susan ... ur product rocks !!!

  5. Susie! You are just too sweet a gal! What an honor to be included with such great peeps! Thanks tooo for your ooooh sooo kind comments! I knew I liked you from the moment we first spoke, even if you do talk like a sailor! lmao! Thank you Thank you!!