Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge

B is for Beach - Nah that's too easy.

B is for Boats - Nope, did anchors yesterday.

B is for Boardwalk. Ok I like that one.

Have you ever been to the boardwalk? It's a lot of fun. The TV show Jersey Shore really doesn't portray Seaside Boardwalk for what it really is. It's a trash dump. Ok that's harsh. It's a playground for the folks from Northern NJ and New York. I really only like to go there either right before the season starts, or right after it ends. My older son is big enough to drive the regular sized go-karts and that's his favorite thing to do. But the last 2 times we went there it's earned it's name Sleaze-Side. One time I ran into 2 guys wearing shirts that said such vulgar things that even *I* with a mouth like a truck driver, will not repeat. The other time, my friends husband was driving a go-kart with his 10 yo son and some jack ass decided it would be funny to crash into him and spin him. Good thing that guy got out of the go-kart and ran because he would have been hurting had he stuck around.

And lets not even get into the crowd that has shown up since Jersey Shore started filming down there.

If you talk to the old timers, and I guess at 41 I could be considered an "old timer" it really never changes. Sure the styles change and the faces change but the mentality doesn't.

But Point Pleasant is nice. I don't run into the same mentality of idiots I do in Sleaze-Side. I don't go to Wildwood or Ocean City boardwalks enough to comment on them. If you do, let me know what you think of them.

So as the season approaches and the Benny's (oh shit, I should have done a post on Benny's!) get ready to invade like cockroaches, I'll continue to do like I always do. I'll find a nice quiet beach to do my beach writings early in the morning and get back to the safe haven of my home long before anyone else is awake.


  1. It has always been "Sleaze-side" as long as I can remember. There were always juice head gorillas with the wife-beaters and gold chains, we just called them Guidos. It is definitely worse now, but it hasn't been nice in more than 30 years, really. Point Pleasant is nice.

  2. Ocean City is the best!!! There is nothing better than a summer's night walking the boards. The smells and sounds, oh how I wish it were summer now! Went to Pt Pleasant for the first time two Saturdays ago, checking it out with out the crowds. Will definitely be making a trip there this year!

  3. I've never been but loved reading the post! Especially that of "Good thing that guy got out of the go-kart and ran because he would have been hurting had he stuck around." lmao! Good read!