Sunday, April 24, 2011

What Exit?

Turnpike AKA the New Jersey Turnpike.  

What Exit?
You know what my favorite answer is to that question is?

Flip em the bird & say Exit #1!


 The ride along the Jersey Turnpike is really rather interesting because if you travel the length of it, you get quite a good cross section of the state. 

Hop on from Delaware & you're going to see a lot of trees.  Probably the first 1/3 of the state you're going to see nothing but trees.

Exit 2 will take you to Atlantic City. It's about 50 miles east.

But after that you'll start seeing sign to the shore, take one because the Jersey Shore is beautiful. 

After that you'll start seeing signs for Great Adventure.  Around the rest of the country, these parks are know as Six Flags.  Here it's Great Adventure, don't screw it up.

Keep going north and you'll go through East Brunswick/New Brunswick, home of Rutgers, the State University of NJ.  Also, those two tall buildings on your right, my Daddy built those.  (he was an Ironworker before he retired)

From this point on, most of the Turnpike goes through the more commercial part of the state.  Edison, Carteret, Rahway, etc. 

Pretty soon, depending on which way the wind is blowing, you'll either see plans landing or taking off.  

As you enter Newark, NJ you are in the only place in the world that all 4 modes of transportation run in the same North/South direction.  Trains, cars, planes & a bit east, boats. 

The big blue building on your right is Ikea.  That place is ALWAYS packed, always!

You're going to start seeing the New York skyline now.  If you've never seen it from NJ, trust me when I tell you it looks a LOT different since 9/11/01.

Look left & you'll see the new Giants Stadium.  Pretty, isn't it.  It's going to host the Superbowl in 2014! Go Giants.  

And that funky colored building, is Xanadu.  Ugliest building I've never seen.

You're getting to the end of the of the Turnpike now and are starting to see signs for New York.  The Holland Tunnel will take you to the Village, the Lincoln tunnel will take you to Times Square and the George Washington Bridge will take you to Yankee Stadium

Thanks for visiting our state!  Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. All I remember is being terrified on my last drive on the NJ Turnpike! It was raining, my tires were bald (dealer did a switch-out when I went to pick up the car!), I couldn't go over 45MPH, and big trucks were whizzing by and honking like crazy. If I tried going faster, just hydroplaned, so I didn't get to see much. Guess I'll have to do it, again.

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  2. I visited the US for the first time last Autumn -but only to New Hampshire and Maine!

    Maybe NYC on the next trip! ;-)

    The A-Z challenge is winding down - but still time for me to discover new blogs! :-)

    SueH I refuse to go quietly!