Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Crazy So Called Life

It's not that I don't want to blog...

Or that I don't have a ton to talk about..

It's about finding the time.

But I'm loving life.

I have 2 wonderful, bratty, pain in the ass, teenaged sons who seem to thrive on pushing every limit they can.  The older one turned 17 today and I still haven't seen him.  It's 8pm!!!!  I'll see him in an hour when he gets off work.

I have a boyfriend whom I love with every fiber of my being. He is my other half.

And then there is everything else.

I still have my business. Unfortunately I don't pay nearly enough attention to it as I should.  But this is my season to shine so I'm working my ass off.

I still have my day job, but thankfully I have a different set of responsibilities which allow me to work when I want to vs. set hours.

I am teaching at the Adult school a few nights a week.

And I am a Real Estate agent!

Today went like this:

First off, I have a cold.

I got up a little early so I could have a little time to myself before I start my day.  Kids had already left for school.  Older is driving with a friend who got his license 2 days ago (few more gray hairs there).  So I veg for a little bit but spend most of those 30 minutes searching through the 10 million photos of my kids to find a few (ok 17, one for each year) of the 17 yo to post on Facebook because I'm THAT mom.

After that I get ready and head down to Real Estate orientation... No idea what this class is going to be about but I'm prepared for anything.

Well almost anything. I wasn't prepared for one guy to be such an asshole that he gets thrown out of class! He took his own breaks and was gone for a really long time so the teacher said he wasn't there long enough to earn the credits and he had to come back and retake the class. He yelled at her for like 15 minutes. I was kind of scared he might come back to retaliate but thankfully he didn't.

The class was interesting, I learned a lot.

After class I headed home with a few stops.  I was just going to give my son cash but I stopped and got him a few NJ Devil's items. shhh it's a secret, he hasn't seen it yet.

Get home, eat and then off to bring the younger one to band practice.  Back home, clean the kitchen and then time to make cake.

Well, cakeS.

1. Chocolate cake, chocolate filling & chocolate icing
2. Yellow cake, chocolate pudding filling & buttercream icing
3. Yellow cake, whipped cream icing & strawberries. Might fill it with canoli filling, not sure yet.

I am actually sitting doing this while they're baking.

The cakes aren't for tonight, they're for this huge ass party we're having on Sunday.  We have like 50 people coming!

Tomorrow is doctor appts, beach, breakfast, work, then party stuff.

Saturday I will be with the marching band all day & night as they have a competition and football game!

Then Sunday the party.

I will need a weekend to get over the weekend!

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