Monday, August 16, 2010

3 Things

In order for me to get really good pictures for my clients, 3 things must line up, beach, sun & water. Names on the Jersey Shore

If it's mostly or completely cloudy, forget it. (see previous post) The pictures come out too dark & don't print nicely. When I first started doing this in the Spring, I used to go at sunrise. I quickly learned that while the sunrise can make gorgeous pictures.

It makes terrible light for taking pictures of writings in the sand.

I still like to go for sunrise because it's an AMAZING way to start the day, I wait for the sun to rise a bit before taking pictures.

If it's high tide & rough, nothing I write stays there very long. Sure I could write further up the beach, but then I have to deal with footprints (serious pet peeve) or no ocean in the picture, and that doesn't work.

Lastly I need space to write. If it's high tide, but calm it's ok but I prefer low tide. Low tide is normally calm. This gives me tons of space to write & nice waves. My favorite writings come on days when it's a calm low tide.

But none of this matters when the beach looks like this.

My friend said "thankfully it's not oil" and she is completely right. The seaweed will clear in a day or two. In the meantime, my orders wait. I hate making people wait!

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