Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2 of August Hell

I know it's August 10th, but my kids have decided to really drive each other crazy.

Here's the problem. It's summer vacation. I work from home 9 to 2 each day & we are a 1 car family. This means no car from 8:30 until 5:30. Later if dear husband (aka dh) has a meeting to go to.

And there aren't any other kids to play with. Either they're away on vacation, go to a babysitters or the moms don't work & they have money to go places. Even if I had a car, unfortunately things are just too tight to do too much. I didn't even buy beach badges this summer. First time in a long time. OH and the little one has a bad case of swimmers ear, so that means no beach anyway.

Tomorrow I will either take dh to work in the morning, or have him come home at lunch time & I will bring him back to work so I can have the car for a least a little while.

The video show they're doing require two of the neighbor boys that spend most of the day at the babysitters, so they won't work on it without them.

Earlier today I googled "things for bored boys to do" and had them set up cans on a saw horse for them to throw balls at. That lasted about 5 minutes before they were arguing "You put the cans up," "you go get the ball."

My boys normally get along. They're not perfect but they get along. But being trapped together is driving them and me batty!!!!! The older one is about to turn 12 so let's add in a few out of control hormones into the mix. (thankfully I'm not pms'ing)

Thankfully I have my side business of Custom beach writings on the Jersey Shore to keep me sane! http://www.namesonthejerseyshore.com

So if you're in the neighborhood & want to entertain 2 very bored boys, 11 & 9, just let me know!

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