Monday, January 24, 2011

The beach in January

Back in the summer (oh how I miss summer) I wrote about how 3 things have to line up for me to get really good beach writings. The sun, the ocean and the beach itself. At that time the beach was covered in Seaweed and I could not fill my orders. When I wrote that, in the summer, I had only been offering the custom beach writings since April, so the sand being FROZEN never even crossed my mind.

Today I experienced it!

I have 4 orders to fill so after the last child boarded the bus to school I, in my many layers and heavy winter coat, headed down to the beach.

The thermostat in my car read 10 degrees. 10. But there isn't any wind and there isn't a cloud in the sky how can I pass up that opportunity. By the time I got down to the beach, the temperature had reached a balmy 13 degrees! Woot!

Not only did I want to fill those orders, I have 2 other miscellaneous writings to do and on January 16th I went and did glass blowing at Hot Sands in Asbury Park. I made this beautiful Amethyst ornament.

And I wanted to take a picture of it as well.

So I get down to the beach and it's cold, but because there isn't any wind, it's bearable.

The tide was coming in so the waves weren't very hospitable. Few rouge waves here and there, but I can work with it.

I reach down with my stick to write and TAP.

Me: ????


The sand, near the water, is FROZEN! I can't write in it!

Not wanting to break the stick I've been using since I opened for business, I promptly gave up.

Thankfully it is supposed to warm back up to the upper 30's by tomorrow, but there are storms moving in as well. So I'm going to have to keep an eye on the sky!

Don't you worry though, I'm still taking & will be filling orders for Valentine's day! As always, you can check out my shop HERE.


  1. Oh the challenges posed upon one. ugh! Beautiful ornament, just love love love the color. Hope it warms enough for you to fill your orders and the coming storms don't compound the matter. Have a good week!

  2. Love the ornament! Such a pretty shot. Maybe you should fly out here and fill west coast orders for a while? ;)

  3. Very pretty ornament! Sorry to hear about the frozen sand...hopefully it will warm up quickly!