Monday, January 10, 2011

More Snow

As you can see from my last post, we had a blizzard the day after Christmas, 2010. Then this past Saturday we had maybe 3 inches more. Just enough to cover the old snow and make it pretty again.

As of now, Monday Jan 10, 2011 they are predicting another "significant" snow event.

I am not happy.

I live where the star is. The above picture is a screen shot, but if you want to watch the page for updates, go here:

If there isn't a snow storm, or if it's summer, the link doesn't do anything.

So someone convinced me to keep my Beach Writings shop open through January & February because of Valentine's Day. That made sense so I am still open. Even came up with some cool items to add to my shop.

But these snow storms are just killing me. I'd move, but how can I continue to offer you if I don't live in Jersey???

So I've got my snowpants and really good snow boots and I will trudge through the deep snow because I want you to be able to give the person you love something nice for Valentine's Day.

On a selfish note, being able to do this for my customers allows me to go to the beach every day. What job is better then that?

To order either a customized necklace of initials in the sand, the I Heart U necklace or the Be Mine key chain, check out my shop HERE.



  1. Here's an idea...could you write their names in the snow with the ocean showing in the background? I think that would be pretty cool too!

    Good luck, we're getting snow right now too. Brrr!

  2. Well that's not fair! You guys get all the snow! LOL, I can imagine the incovenience, but we sure would love to get a nice dusting this season. You know, we have an ocean here too and is very mild? hehe. Wish ya all the best and hope does not get to the point you can't make it out to the beach. Also wanted to say that I love, love, love the new items!!

    All The Best!