Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beach Writing Hazards

Yep, hazards. For every great picture I get.

I get tons of OOPS.
In my previous post, I mentioned the prop thief and how I've had people run through my shots. Those are pretty rare, except when I bring my kids with me.

I do run across garbage on the beach

And can we not even discuss the snow we've gotten this winter?
(Side note, figured out a few weeks ago that this is the spot where Snooki kept falling in the sand in the episode she got arrested! LOL)

And frozen sand.

But for the most part, my biggest hazard is the ocean itself.
Want to know why I charge a little more for stick figure families????

When a heart with 2 names gets washed away, no big deal.

When a family of 5 or more stick figures gets washed away..
It's a big deal.

Either way I love doing it. I'll take the waves washing away my work because most of the time the next writing is even better.

What I have a HUGE problem with though, is those pesky photobombers...

Get your own pictures :D

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  1. So creative. Love the post as it lends to what you go through for your shots and how you described the heart vs. the family getting washed away, "its a big deal", yes I can see why, lol. Your images are are some of the best! Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a wonderful day.