Sunday, February 13, 2011

THIEF! !!!

So I am at the beach Saturday afternoon filling orders, I had like 17 to do. One of them is a redo of the ones I did with wine glasses, I did that one first.

I'm wandering up and down the beach about 50 feet doing the rest, leaving the bag with the glasses half buried in the sand because it's VERY windy.

At one point this old guy walks by with his ADORABLE brown and white border collie Boomer. I play with Boomer a little bit & they walk off. (this is not Boomer, but it's what he looked like)

I finish up with what I'm doing and head over to grab my bag.

The bag is still there, all the bubble wrap & newspaper and empty bottle of juice are there but NO WINE GLASSES! I'm all WTF???? I look around thinking maybe just maybe they fell out of the bag and blew away. Nope.

That's when I realize the old man walked passed me and left (I was half paying attention since I was already friendly but wanted to get done).

He took my wine glasses! Now they were just inexpensive glasses from the Christmas tree shop, but seriously, WTF???? When he left he walked up a ramp that was to the side of where my car was. Since I was done I hopped in the car & cruised the neighborhoods on that side of the beach, no luck.

Went back to the parking lot I was in and there was a truck in the lot with a blanket on the passenger seat. Hoping it was his truck I parked & walked back up on the beach, he was there.

"I thought someone left them after a night of partying, I was looking for the wine bottle."

Mind you, it's been like 20 degrees or colder at night.

I played all nice & he retrieved the glasses from his truck for me.

"I was going to fill them with sand & put a candle in them"

I told him about the much nicer ones at the Christmas tree shop and went on my way.

Seriously though, I'm the only person on the beach besides him and he doesn't even think to ASK ME if they're mine.

What was funny though, when I walked back on the beach and started walking towards him, Boomer started getting all excited & "talking" to me. So cute!

Between him and the VERY rude guy that ran through my shot not just ONCE but twice, I think I need to bring a body guard! LOL


  1. The beach....I miss it so much!!

  2. Uggh, the nerve of some peeps and it's the principle of the matter?? I want the bodyguard job!! lol.

    Have a super day!!