Monday, January 2, 2012

Full Disclosure

I haven't talked about my weight loss recently... and it's because I've been gaining some of it back. 

It all started when the symptoms of what I now know is a herniated disc in my neck, started show it's self.  In July I went through a period of time where I thought was either having a heart attack or a panic attack.  I still feel that way sometimes but now I know it's all side affects of the herniated disc. It was a scary time. 

I quit smoking too in early July, and was put on steroids for a week, so that added to the initial gain. And I would have been fine with that initial 5 to 7lb gain.  But I think now I'm somewhere up to around 15 or 20lbs gained. I won't weigh myself, at least not yet (waiting until I feel like I'm losing again).  But I have measured and I've gained at least an inch in each the 4 major areas.  Some of it is due to the gain, some of it is due to being unable to exercise. 

On Friday January 6th I'm having a steroid injected into the herniated disc.  I'm hoping that will alleviate the symptoms enough so that I can at least start walking again.  

So today, after a trip to so see Chipwrecked, I will start my food prep for the week and grab my copy of DANDR and get this fat burning machine back into gear!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your struggles with us. You're very brave. Bad health can be a vicious circle when one thing goes wrong and it effects other things. Hopefully, you're able to get that circle working in the other direction and start feeling better soon.