Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's that? & a free picture!

On my last trip to the beach I saw this down the beach.
(click on the picture to see a bigger picture) 
From where I'm standing, and the fact that my glasses are in the car, my imagination kicks in.

Is it a whale?
One washed up on the beach in Ocean City the day before!

Maybe it's a shark or dolphin...  I hope not

What if it's a body??  OMG I'd probably close down my business if it was. 
Maybe not, but I'd probably stop investigating when I can't make out a shape.

Before I even take stick to sand I walk down the beach to check it out.

What was it?
It was part of a tree, of a HUGE tree!

Kind of looks like a turtle or a Komodo dragon or an alligator!

I'm thinking about offering this one as a print without the web address of course. 
 Make sure you check MY SHOP to see if I did.

Now to the freebie.  
I do not have permission from the Giants, so that is why it's free.
Plus I'm a BIG Giants fan, so I just like to spread the love!
Feel free to share it, but please do not remove my web address!

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  1. I take it you don't seem much of this kinda stuff on the Jersey Shore? You otta see some of the trees that wash up on the Oregon coast. Hope you and yours are well and as usual, your photogs look marvelous! Have a good weekend!