Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Low Carb Redeux, Day 1

Breakfast of Champions!!

Coffee, water & a protein shake!

If we're not facebook friends, you probably missed my learning that the blender blade thing fits on a mason jar.  

So instead of lugging out the blender base & the HUGE glass thingy (pitcher?) you can put all your mixin's in a mason jar & blend away!  I suggest holding down the mason jar when you put it on the blender because it's much lighter then the pitcher, but it works.  AND you're only making 1 thing dirty!

Really it's like having a magic bullet!

I used it on NYE to blend up some coconut rum, frozen pineapple & some ice and it was pure perfection.  Except it was coooold so I dug out my ice cream cozy. That is the black fuzzy thing on the right.  My friend Kami makes them.

Get your own here


She calls them Ice Cream Koozies, but they fit perfectly around a mason jar too!

I do have one problem.. Someone, I won't mention any names, but he's the other adult in the house, some how managed to do this to the seal for the blender.

Where do I get a new one?


  1. Happy New Year Suzie!! Lmao@non-mention of names, lol. You might find at a local dept store or hardware store the seal in which you seek.

  2. Thanks Dave! Happy New Year to you too!!!