Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tastefully Simple Saturday!

Ok so I made that up.  But I really like Tastefully Simple products. I don't sell it, and don't want to, but I am having an online party.

An online party is like a party in the home, but you can stay at your own home!

I seriously hate having selling parties at my house because all the people who say they're going to come, don't and you end up with like 3 people.

And plus it's still a tough economy.

I figure by booking an online party I can also reach my friends that want to order stuff and don't live nearby too.

If you want to order without any hassles, here is the link.

My Consultant Sara is pretty awesome too, so if you are in NJ and want to book a party at home, her email address is at the top of the order page.


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