Saturday, September 1, 2012

You're addicted to Facebook

Actually I'm not...  But I hear that occasionally.  What I hear more is "you spend too much time on Facebook"

again, not really, but to internet noobs... I look that way.

You see what apparently does not come across, even to my life long friends, is I'm a geek.

a nerdy, loves computer, loves the internet, geek.

And I'm proud of it.

You see the internet - well AOL - became popular just when all my friends were getting married or at least shacking up with their men & no longer wanted to go out... Also my mother had passed away & my father moved in with me.

So instead of turning to TV shows and calling my married friends crying about not being married (actually never really felt that way, but you know what I mean) I turned to AOL chat rooms.

OMG I loved AOL chat rooms.  And I had the credit card bills to prove it.  Did you know that we paid $2.95 an hour... do you know how quickly that adds up? (do you know how happy I was that I had very good paying job LOL)

But that started my love of the internet and interacting with people all around the world.  Ok it started in an New Jersey chat room - but still, there was potential to talk to others from around the world.

I even physically met a bunch of people from the chat room.  A very smart business man (wish I could remember his name, think his screen name was TheNJDJ?) would rent out a ballroom at a hotel and host parties.  He'd charge us to get in & it would be a cash bar & there would be a reduced rate for the hotel rooms if you wanted to stay.

Which we did, quite often.

One day I'll have to find the discs (yes, little floppy discs) with pictures from those parties and share them.  Those parties were SO MUCH FUN.

Now that I think about it, they would have made a great reality tv show... OH the drama...

But you don't go from being on the computer for hours at a time to nothing..  it becomes a part of your life.  It's really not a whole lot different then TV.

And I barely watch TV. Really.

I could turn off the TV service if it wasn't for live sports.  If there is something I want to watch, I can usually find it on the internet.

So why is it ok for in the same breath to tell me I'm online too much but yet can tell you about Honey Boo boo or TNTM or whatever the latest reality show is popular???  It's not.

I am always connected to what is going on around me, I don't shush anyone for talking while I'm typing (unless I'm blogging, because let's face it the rails on my train of thought are quite weak sometimes... heck right now jerseyshoredad is sighing at me but I'm on a roll so won't stop & tell him what I'm doing because I don't want to forget my thought)

And now all 3 of my jobs are internet related.  I'm an online trainer (e-learning specialist, thankyouverymuch) I teach computer software at the adult school a few nights a week and while my business is photography, it's 90% online.. so yes, I'm on the computer a LOT.

But I'm going to surprise you here.  I don't have a smart phone and mostly* don't want one.  When I do go out, then my focus is on what we're doing. Not on the internet. 

(* I said mostly because I do want one so I can accept credit cards when I sell at craft shows)

Having been on the internet since 1994/95 means I have online friends from all over the place.  I have  a group of moms that we all met when we were due with children in September of 1998.  We're not on the AOL bulletin board anymore, we're on facebook - and now the kids (who are all turning 14) are becoming friends too on facebook.

I joined a low carb weight loss board in 2000 that I am still on (though I'm still fighting the weight fight!) and from that large board I ended up on a smaller board where I have made some amazing friends.  I have also met a bunch of them as well.

I have 1 guy friend on facebook that was from the AOL chat rooms.  There is a woman that I used to chat with on AOL lives in my town & I occasionally run into her.  I don't know what happened to the rest of them.  (oh and the ex-fiance - I hear from him occasionally - yes I met him at an AOL party)  Heck I even tried to set Jerseyshoredad up with a girl from the chat rooms before we started dating.

OH and my Etsy friends.  Yes I am friends with other people who sell on Etsy, can't forget them!

I've been on the internet for a long time.  It's a part of me - it is NOT some sudden addiction, it's a part of my life.  Just like the television is for you

And for the last 2 years I've been using it more for business then anything else.

So if you feel I post too much on Facebook, unfriend or take me out of your newsfeed.  If you think I'm online too much, come hang out with me for a day or two & enjoy the quiet in my house because the Television is rarely on.  And the house is mostly clean too.  Nothing gets neglected because of the internet.

Especially not my kids.  Ask me anything about them and I'm pretty sure I'd be able to answer you pretty quickly. If they need something I don't tell them to wait because "my show" is on.  I was out playing street hockey with the kids when they invited me the other day.  I take the younger one out to practice shooting hoops when we can.

The world is changing folks, and the internet is making it a much smaller place.  You either have to be a part of it, or not.  But while you're sitting there watching Honey Boo boo (are you kidding me?) don't look down your nose at me for playing online. 

** Come back to add this

I also belong to a shopping message board.  This board of 99.9% women find deals all over the place - online & regular stores.  For the last few years I have been SO GRATEFUL for this board, because without out it, Christmas around here would have been sad.  

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