Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not worth it

Sorry I've been away for a while.  But I'm back and I plan on sticking around and writing more often. 

So I'm back to eating right for me to lose weight.  The way that works for me is low carb. I tried reducing calories but it just made me cranky and OMG made me crave cigarettes!  I guess with any weight loss plans there are free foods, things you can eat pretty much all you want without affecting your diet.

For low carb it's steak LOL!  Or any meat/chicken/fish, etc.  Of course it all depends on your body.

Anyway, it took me a month to lose 6lbs.  It's hard to deal with losing slow when I want to just drop it all off overnight. Mind you I've been on and off this journey for 3 years now so I know the plan... still aggrevating.

I've been eating right for days now.  My dad stopped by to see JerseyShoreDad because he had his gall bladder out on Friday.  He brought Entemanns Eclairs.  There are 5 in a box so he said "one for everyone"

Only I'm not eating it because I'm working my plan.

But the kids started fighting over it, so I said "Neither of you could have it, I'm eating it!" After dinner tonight I decided if I was going to eat it, I should do it tonight with my nice cup of coffee.

One bite was all I needed, blech.

So not worth it - I gave it to JSD so he could enjoy it.

My home made cream puffs beat those eclairs hands down!  So I'll wait for Thanksgiving for something like that again. 

What's going on in your world?  What demon are you dealing with?

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