Monday, January 7, 2013

I have a teenager, therefore I am always wrong

Even when it's not my doing, it's my fault.

This does NOT fly well with me.

Someone tell me how long this lasts because my adorable older son acting a girl about to get her first period is getting OLD, FAST.

I love him dearly, but one of us may not make it through his teenaged years.

I shared this with some fellow mom's of 14 year olds.

Do they ever learn? The kids are in charge of cleaning the kitchen after dinner. Older son is in charge of washing the pots and pans and has been doing a really lazy job. I told him that I was giving him 1 more chance and if I found dirty pots & pans in the dish drainer he was cleaning the whole kitchen by himself for 30 days. 
Yesterday I found a greasy pan, but the rest were 100x better than he had been doing. I told him that since he had done so well on the others that I was giving him a warning and that he was doing the whole kitchen for just 1 night... and then he gave me attitude... so he got his 30 days.

Umm what else. Made him take a shower the morning after he got all sweaty at a dance. He actually stomped up the stairs.  He's almost 5ft 9 and built like a linebacker... that's a lot of noise!

The Jersey Shore Dad went food shopping and took the boys with him, male bonding I called it, they brought home ice cream but it was too late to eat it.

Meanest mom ever! Someone call the cops!

Tonight it was the reminder that he had a bathroom to clean - his job, always his job, not a news flash.  OMG drama drama drama.

I diffused him with this though,

Oh and while his little brother has promised me he won't be a bratty teenager like his brother, I'm already seeing signs.

Might have freak them out & start taking pictures of their Xbox..... and computer....

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