Saturday, January 5, 2013

So what car did I get?

We ended up leasing a 2013 Mettalic Blue Chevy Traverse!

In my last post I said I wasn't sure about leasing but we did it anyway.  We did it for 2 reasons.  The space & the money.

While the Equinox provided the leg room our growing teens would need, it was more narrow than my Journey.  I couldn't imagine having to drive somewhere in the back seat with the kids if my dad was in the car with us.

It turns out that the monthly payments work out to be the same if we bought the Equinox or leased the Traverse.

And to be honest, while I am FAR from a princess, my track record shows I don't keep a car more then 4 years anyway. I think once I had a car for 5 years.  But ever since my first new car a fully loaded 1991  Ford Escort GT, I've never not had a car payment, so why not lease?

(not my actual car, not sure if i have a picture of mine)

My Traverse is not fully loaded, I'd say it's about 1/3 loaded LOL. Oh I should mention it's a v6 not a 4 cylinder like everything else! But I think my favorite feature is the handsfree bluetooth.  Phone rings, I touch a button & answer it. Of course it's on speaker phone so no private conversations if anyone else is in the car, but it's pretty cool.  TJSD came home the next day and said he had a bit of buyers remorse because "we'll have nothing at the end." I told him too bad, I already programmed the hands free dialing LOL

It has a 3rd row of seating too.  This was not something in particular that I wanted, but the kids LOVE it.  Last night we went out, one sat in the middle row, one in the back.  While the boys love each other, a little space is good.  They also figured out last night that the car has dual zone temperature control!

One downside, it has a hard downshift. Known issue, but I'll take it because it's a V6. I know they want to have better gas mileage on cars, but offering a 4 cylinder in a larger car just isn't right.  Have you ever driven on a Jersey highway?  No room for a large car without some Giddy up!

So now you need to go to my shop

and order lots of beach writings & necklaces & such so I can continue to pay for my pretty new car!  LOL 


  1. I see you’re having a great time with your new car. Not only does it has a more polished look, provides smooth ride, and has a reliable engine; it also has plenty of room for your ever-growing children. Nice!
    Prince Moss

  2. Changing cars every 4 years sounds cool! How many cars have you already driven? Which one was your favorite? I guess, now that you have a family, it's a perfect time to invest on a car that is convenient for everyone. Think about it, Suzie.

    -Arlyne Nelms @ SpartanToyota