Tuesday, January 8, 2013

These Slogger boots are made for walking

on the beach!

Ok so I've been doing the beach writings for 2.5 years, I guess I should start investing in my business. Or at least in things that make my life easier. My Beach Writing & Sea Glass Store

So I told TheJerseyShoreDad that I needed a pair of waterproof boots.  I told him I didn't care what they looked like, they just needed to be waterproof.  Sometimes the waves still get me, so I needed a little protection.  Hip-waders would have been a bit of overkill! LOL

The boots he got me were fine, very useful.. but they were too big so they had to go back.

Since he ordered them from Amazon I figured I'd just find a replacement there.

At first I checked out Nomad rain boots.  Lots of cute patterns, but the description said water resistant, not water proof. I need waterproof.  I'm not going to be running for the bus in the rain, I'm getting hit by ocean waves!

Sloggers rain boots claimed to be water PROOF so I ordered these.

They fit well, little snug where my feet are wide, but they're rubber so they stretch.  

I wore them today to the beach to try them out!  It was low tide so normally I would not get caught by a wave, so I had to go IN the water.

Remember, it's JANUARY.  While the air temp was in the 40's, the water is too!
(I don't normally tuck my jeans in my boots)

brrrr (they're not insulated, just rubber)

So what's the verdict?

My feet were DRY!  Cold, but DRY!  Woo hoo!!

I Love my Boots!

Oh and do you know who left their Tonka Toys on the beach?

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