Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm on!!!!

About 2 weeks ago I was contacted by to ask permission to use a beach writing I did for Jersey Shore Hurricane News for them to featured for Excellence on the Web.

Yeah like I'm going to say No to that.  But I had to keep it a secret, so I just laid low.

JSHN was actually created a year before Superstorm Sandy for Hurricane Irene. But it has evolved into so much more.  What started out as a facebook page to talk about Irene, turned into a life saver for so many during & since Sandy.

It was the first and best place to get any and all news regarding the destruction from Sandy.

It was where people went to find loved ones or where to find shelter.  It's been a central location to find owners of random items that has washed ashore.

JSHN has become an amazing community page that people still visit to get ideas of where to donate items or where to volunteer. (and get traffic updates too!)

And now that the Jersey Shore IS open, it's becoming a place to talk about what is open.

I'm glad I joined it way back when Irene was baring down on us and I'm thrilled to still be a part of it, when it has grown to 200,000 followers!

I was honored the day Justin put my beach writing as the cover page and now I'm even more honored to be a part of his recognition of JSHN!!!

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  1. That is sooo awesome! Congrats and keep up the good work. We love our Jersey shore vacations.